1080p/60fps Limbo Hits Xbox One Friday

[UPDATE] Following the publication of this post, Playdead officially announced Limbo’s release date for Xbox One, and confirmed resolution and frame rate details.

“On Friday, December 5th, LIMBO will be released on Xbox One at $ 9.99 or equivalent. While we are completely absorbed by INSIDE, Double Eleven has once again helped us port the game and done a fantastic job, as it now runs 1080p at 60fps,” the developer said.

The original story is below.

Danish developer Playdead’s acclaimed 2010 platformer Limbo, which Xbox boss Phil Spencer calls a “must-have,” will be released for all Xbox One owners on Friday, December 6.

The game is technically already available on Xbox One, as Microsoft offered it as a free download to all of the 1 million+ people who bought an Xbox One during its launch weekend in November 2013.

For the millions of Xbox One adopters since, they’ll be able to buy Limbo very soon. However, Microsoft did not announce a price. The Xbox 360 version of the game currently sells for $ 10.

Limbo isn’t the only new game coming to Xbox One on Friday. Microsoft writes that Limbo will be joined by Threes!, as well as Boom Ball Kinect internationally. The game is already available in America.

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