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Ask a Stoner: Can I Melt Infused Gummies Into a Drink?

May 14, 2018   ·   0 Comments

Dear Stoner: My wife’s radiation cancer treatment has caused her throat to swell to the point where she can’t eat solids. Can I melt some medical gummies on the stovetop and serve them to her without diluting the THC too much?

Dear Kim: Sorry to hear about your wife and the side effects of her treatment. While dispensaries carry pre-made liquids with THC and CBD already in them, such as oral sprays, tinctures, drinks and syrups, you may already have gummies at home that you don’t want to go to waste, which makes sense.

All recreational edibles come dosed in ten-milligram servings of THC or CBD.EXPAND

All recreational edibles come dosed in ten-milligram servings of THC or CBD.

Courtesy of Wana Brands

Most gummies contain gelatin, which has a melting point of about 95 degrees Fahrenheit — way too low for THC to degrade to levels that you’d notice. Adding water will delay the melting process a bit, but it will ensure that the gummies don’t burn or stick to the pan. You’ll also want to raise the temperature to around 150 degrees, which will keep the concoction in liquid form longer; that way, your wife can take her time ingesting it before it starts to cool and thicken again.

To answer your question, the water will dilute the edibles, but it won’t make them any less potent.

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