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Ask a Stoner: Do We Really Need CBD in Everything?

May 15, 2019   ·   0 Comments

Dear Stoner: Do we really need CBD in all of this shit? I’ve seen it in sex lube, soda, fast food and maybe even Oreos. Fucking Oreos?

Dear Doc: Because of the lack of government regulation for CBD, companies, social-media personalities and your next-door neighbor are able to make bold claims about what CBD can do. But while the cannabinoid certainly isn’t a cure-all, CBD has shown promise in helping treat certain patients with epilepsy, anxiety, skin disorders, pain, inflammation, high blood-glucose levels and other ailments. Some of those ailments — pain, anxiety, skin disorders and inflammation, specifically — are endured by millions who self-medicate, so adding CBD to drinks, food and even lube can make sense. But I agree with your point: This shit is getting ridiculous.

Adding CBD isolate to food and drinks is easy, both during and after they're made.

Adding CBD isolate to food and drinks is easy, both during and after they’re made.

Jacqueline Collins

I can’t knock Carl’s Jr. or Mondelez (the maker of Oreos and Chips Ahoy) for cashing in on a trend, but do we really need 20 milligrams of CBD in a sleeve of cookies? Maybe to combat the pending inflammation of my bowels after eating all that junk food, but the CBD isn’t treating the gluttony or shame we love to feel after dessert — and it’s damn sure not worth the extra $ 15 or $ 20 you’d pay. Let’s hope this overkill doesn’t hurt the movement.

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