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Ask a Stoner: What’s With the Huge Price Difference at Dispensaries?

October 11, 2018   ·   0 Comments

Dear Stoner: I recently tried to buy a quarter of Tangerine Power, and one dispensary was charging $ 171 for a quarter out the door, or $ 20 per gram. This is obscene! What’s with the disparity in weed prices around Denver?
James D.

Dear James: Despite Tangerine Power’s timely allure (it was the featured strain of the Grow Off, where some local dispensaries performed quite well), that’s pretty expensive for a quarter of pot these days. Several dispensaries around town sell the same amount of flower for $ 60 or less, and the difference in quality isn’t that great. Even the premium pot shops are charging closer to $ 120 now, and most of them have flash sales and daily deals so that budget-conscious potheads can still smoke something good without cleaning out their wallets.

Stores in suburban towns, rural communities and mountain/resort areas don’t have the same level of competition as Denver dispensaries, so a store in Avon or Aspen can charge more and get away with it. Sadly, the industry still isn’t mature enough to enjoy the price consistency of alcohol.

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