Ask a Stoner: Which Pot Industry Jobs Pay the Most?

Dear Stoner: I want to get in the weed industry, but I don’t want to make minimum wage for very long. Which positions should I go after?

Dear Denny: Obviously, your immediate earning potential and career trajectory will depend on your experience around the plant. If you have any cannabis cultivation, extraction or retail management experience, that’ll help you move up the food chain quickly if you want to cash in as a lead grower, extractor or dispensary manager. According to cannabis recruiting firm Vangst, pot cultivation directors earn around $ 88,000 on average and as much as $ 250,000, while lead hash extractors earn an average of $ 72,000, topping out at just over $ 190,000. But those aren’t the only opportunities for big bucks from big buds.

Employees for Incredibles package cannabis concentrates.EXPAND

Employees for Incredibles package cannabis concentrates.

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Cannabis businesses, especially the bigger players, have a need for professionals in tech and software, regulatory compliance, sales, marketing and other traditional professions that now apply to a unique industry. All of these roles are essential for a cannabis company to be taken seriously and can lead you on a path toward a six-figure salary, too.

If you really want to hit it big, though, you’re going to have to start your own company — or become a large investor in one, at least. It’s hard to get rich working for someone else.

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