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Asura’s Wrath Dev Team Discusses Their “Un-Free” Game

September 21, 2010   ·   0 Comments

Asura's Wrath

There’s no denying that Asura’s Wrath, the PS3/360 action game first revealed at the Tokyo Game Show last week, kicks a lot of ass. Our very own Jeremy Parish called it “about as over the top as it gets,” in fact.

Impressions like those are no doubt pleasing Hiroshi Matsuyama, president of Asura developer CyberConnect 2, right now. “You’re swinging your weapon around and dismembering your enemies, but that’s not really the main gameplay,” he told Famitsu magazine in an interview this week. “You also have scenes where Asura, the hero, is getting flicked by the finger of a giant Buddha the size of the earth — not a cutscene, but gameplay. The scene [in the TGS trailer linked to above] where you have hundreds of thousands of arrows flying at you; you’re also controlling Asura in that one.”

Asura is a collaboration between CC2 and publisher Capcom, the first time the two Japanese outfits have worked together. “Our basic direction here is to make a game that avoids getting caught up in the usual restrictions action games place upon you,” Capcom producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya said. “Generally, we’re trying to fuse the gameplay with what you’d call movie-like cutscenes, taking what used to be non-interactive events and letting the player carry them out himself. We don’t want any boundary between demo scenes and gameplay, so we’re trying to make it so you can interact with the situation at any time.”



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