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Bill to Allow Use of Cannabidiol Oil Advances in Kentucky

March 2, 2014   ·   0 Comments

Legislation that would allow patients suffering with epilepsy and other debilitating disorders to use a concentrated hash oil rich in Cannabidiol (CBD) has successfully traversed its first stop on the legislative gauntlet of scrutiny.

Some pro-marijuana advocates are proclaiming that Senate Bill 24 proposes very limited access to the plant and its multitude of medicinal benefits. But Senator Julie Denton, the bill’s lead sponsor, claims that the proposed limited use offers the bill a better chance at actually passing through Congress.

Furthermore, Senator Denton makes the argument that hash oil rich in Cannabidiol can essentially be produced from hemp, which is now legal to cultivate in Kentucky on a limited basis.

“This is narrow enough that I think people can feel fairly comfortable. It’s not this broad-based law like they have in California for medical marijuana,” Senator Denton explained. “This really isn’t medical marijuana. You can get this from industrial hemp.”

Poor, Cali. Every other legislator across the nation wants to use Proposition 215 as the poster child for what not to do in terms of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. But I digress.

A recently released survey of Kentuckians revealed that 52 percent of registered voters favor the use of marijuana for medical dedications, compared to 37 percent that are opposed.

Kentucky’s Senate President Robert Stivers said the bill “seems to have a lot of support and interest from our members,” and they would probably vote on the legislation during the first week of March.

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