Burnout Crash is Over the Top with a Touch of Old School GTA

Burnout Crash

The development of a new Burnout game was leaked by the Australian Classification Board earlier this year, and now the ESRB is stepping up to provide us with the very first details about it.

Burnout Crash, based purely on the name, we assumed might be some sort of downloadable title that focused exclusively on Crash mode, which had been left out of the most recent game, Burnout Paradise. (It was replaced by Showtime mode which was amusing, but not nearly as awesome as Crash mode in Burnout 3.) That does appear to be the case based on an ESRB rating summary of the game, but it’ll be a different take than we’re used to seeing in Burnout.

No one would ever suggest Burnout is a simulation by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s never been this over the top: Crash will see UFOs, lobster monsters, tornadoes, and oversized airplanes get in your way while driving. It’ll also shift from the traditional behind-car view to a top-down perspective like the first two Grand Theft Auto games. The basic Crash mode gameplay is still intact, from the sound of it; players crash their cars into intersections to cause as muck havoc as possible. Vehicles are described as “cartoony” and include cars, trucks, vans, and buses. Some missions will task you with specific goals such as one that has you taking out a police car.


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