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California Veterinarian Seeks Medical Cannabis Legalization For Canines

April 10, 2013   ·   0 Comments

A veterinarian from California, Doug Kramer, has launched a campaign to legalize medical cannabis for canines.

dogs2 California Veterinarian Seeks Medical Cannabis Legalization For CaninesDr. Kramer believes that the THC found in the miraculous cannabis plant could help canines that are suffering with ailments and conditions that are not responding to other forms of treatment.

The “About Us” page on Dr. Kramer’s website reads as follows:

“Rather than relying solely on pharmaceutical medications alone, Dr. Kramer believes strongly in a more holistic and comprehensive approach.”

Dr. Kramer claims his idea and motivation to launch the campaign to legalize the medicinal use of cannabis for canines came from one of his clients.

“A client first brought it to my attention.” Dr. Kramer declared. “She had a pet that was not responding well to any of the pain medications or the steroids that we were giving it, and she wanted to talk about getting medical marijuana.”

And when asked as to how the medical cannabis would be administered to the animals the doctor explained that the most ideal delivery system would be through glycerin tinctures.

“A glycerin tincture is, to me, by far the optimal way to do it because it offers the greatest accuracy in dosing. It’s also sweet tasting,” Dr. Kramer explained. “Obviously you can make it into butter or oil, so anything that you can cook or make with butter or oil would work, like homemade dog biscuits.”

One of the biggest hurdles when researching the science of using cannabis to treat animals is that we don’t have the necessary datum in which to determine the rate of metabolism when administering said tinctures.

But truthfully, until we legalize cannabis or at least change the current scheduling to allow the essential research to be conducted, we may never know if man’s best friend could benefit from the wonder drug that is cannabis.

Stay tuned to The 420 Times for any updates concerning legalizing medical cannabis for canines and for all your cannabis community news and entertainment.

Enjoy the news clip and don’t pass the flea dip, I’m full.

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