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September 9, 2010   ·   50 Comments

Origins of Cannabis and the effect on mankind.
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Marijuana is illegal in Canada, but the authorities tend to look the other way. We go to Vancouver where a group is pushing for legalization in a very public way.

Weed: 420 Things You Didn’t Know (or Remember) about Cannabis

Weed. Pot. Mary Jane. Grass.
No matter what you call marijuana, it’s still dope.In this irreverent and all-inclusive look at cannabis, you will learn all there is to know about the psychoactive substance Bill Clinton didn’t inhale–but many others did–including:How pot can help cure a hangoverWhy The Man really doesn’t want to legalize weedHow to make a bong from an appleThe real deal behind Reefer Madness . . . and more!From how to grow it, ways to consume it, and places to hide it, to myt

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. bmadccp says:

    @david9562 non-toxic? Are you for real? You can’t seriously believe that burning and inhaling the smoke of anything can be non-toxic…smoke by its very nature is toxic, let alone marijuana smoke. do some research.

  2. bmadccp says:

    Thanks for all the little comment boxes that ruin this documentary, professor dipshit.

  3. spiff2003 says:

    @lodidodi69 LOL!!

  4. spiff2003 says:

    I dont think the taste is all that bad honesttly.. Ive noticed the drool glands or whatever seem to really get going once u let it sit in your mouth a bit..It reminds me of a bitter lemony type of taste..

  5. corymeyer says:

    Many of you guys are off your rockers. If this video was shoddy and “propaganda” then why is it that NORML, the bastion of promoting marijuana, featured this video (on August 26th) and reviewed it as “very well done”?

  6. HillBillyToOoF says:

    Kazakstan is the greatest country in the world!

  7. HillBillyToOoF says:

    Britain has got some fucked up fertilizer/weed, I dont hear that kinda shit about california

  8. TheHobbsicle says:

    Milk is worse for you than marijuana

  9. iRecordEverything says:

    i dont like how this video is evolution oriented, darwins theroy is what it is just a theroy!!!! no proof to back it…. cannabis didnt evolve to have THC its just always had it

  10. lodidodi69 says:

    Wait….So I can smoke the Sea Squirts?????

  11. lodidodi69 says:

    oh shit nigga….I’m lightin up now! How’d this motha fucka know….he probably got that ESPN!!!

  12. Passenger87 says:

    Almost as nice as sex? You know what’s nicer Sex on Cannabis. Best sex you’ll ever have.

  13. jasonman05 says:

    dont get addicted to BAD drugs! get addicted to our drugs! – federal government.

  14. spingelingdingdong says:

    @vituvideoita yep I agree, I’m from Sweden and it’s true Sweden, Iceland and Finland have the most repressive cannabis policies than any other western nation i can think of…

  15. fingertap15 says:


  16. catscratchass says:

    people with problems should not look for answers in pot. the problem is “personality” & fundamentally individual approach to life. pot is not the problem , nor the answer.
    not everyone is suitable for it’s uses.. “ones mans medicine is another mans poison”

    I like pot , but I’ve had problems with it too. respect it. MODERATION. self control.

  17. reven92 says:

    its not adictive, but sure you will wanna do it again, its niiiiiice

  18. MysticGanjaMan420 says:

    How Much Did They Pay That Dude In The Begging To Say He Was addicted To Cannabis? Dude Cannabis Activates the Conscience If He Feels Like That I Wonder What He Has In His Conscience That It Doesnt Let Him Be At Peace ?!

  19. zcl812 says:

    you cant be addicted to ecstacy, and im not sure about speed, but cetainly not to the extent of heroin. And cannabis use cannot help heroin users, in my opinion. Anyone who has been addicted to any harmful substance should be careful about using another one, even if it is harmless old weed.

  20. theErikmikhail says:


  21. noobHNTer says:

    the pot addict is funny XD

  22. Ryped says:

    This drug is natural. Unlike the drugs the government manufactures.

  23. RabidRat88 says:

    @Toeph It has been scientifically observed in several species of animals.
    Not fear, fact.
    Some individuals are governed by their addiction while the vast majority
    do not let themselves be taken over by the addictive substance.
    That those weaknesses are based in genetics is obvious.
    No one can mention a precise gene only because we are barely at the beginning of exploring the genome.
    Also, don’t try to lecture other people and pass judgment when you have no idea who they are. Try again.

  24. Toeph says:

    @david9562 I’d rather be dumb then a dick. Forest seemed to have a pretty good life. I agree with pot in many senses of the idea but being a dick is not something I do agree with. And I know-you fought a guy one time cause he got all up in your grill- but I don’t mind. I forgive you for both and you are probably a pretty cool guy actually even if you’d fight someone outside a ring and you’re not in a war or twelve.

  25. Toeph says:

    @PsoulRebeL How about the revolution of controling our communal reality with an education and understanding how to write and why it is such an important and powerful tool to be able to. No one gives sincere thought to what the drunk slurring guy is saying at the podium. I agree with your general and vague point but you sound like an over passionate dick. seperation of people is the wrong way to go no matter how much you think your version of a Berlin wall would be the right one and a just one,

  26. flametard says:

    roight. cherrio

  27. flametard says:

    the legalization of marijuaner is fun loving but also drug peddling affair that just aboot anywhere else in the cilvilized world, would have been nipped in the bud.

  28. SleepingPeace says:

    This big weed rally is no different than a big gatherin’ at your local pub drinkin’ beer. Except who gets violent on weed? Nobody I know of. Every time you go to a club there’s fights and shit that starts for nothing because people feel all big and tough while drunk. But how many fights break out at these social weed gatherings? Is there a need for police like there are after the clubs? No

  29. browniemcgheeggallin says:

    “social experiment” doesn’t sound far off.

  30. SharkTheArdvark says:

    seems Canada is more progressive with legal industrial hemp generating a billion dollar, and allowing marijuana with revenue in excess of 7 billion dollars. Yet the catered to the U.S. by handing Marc Emery over to them πŸ™

    Prohibition last days are numbered. It’s not working and more people turning to pot because it is a safer alternative than alcohol. Politicians need to pay attention as it is becoming a mainstream issue and will cost them votes.

  31. albotvw says:

    I was at the Rally, and I got one of those joints!!!! my my my what A day

  32. VieuxMalcommode says:

    I can’t believe the reactionary tone of this report…

    Then again it’s obvious the issue is being vilified because decriminalization would seriously affect the most powerful people in the US: Can you imagine the most heavily armed (the police forces), the nastiest (the criminal lawyers) and the booming detention industry OUT OF A JOB?

    Would you want to be around when that happens? Just look what happened in Germany in the 1930s and come to your own conclusions…

  33. mybigtoolsss says:

    Look at all those joints! πŸ˜€ I wish I had them. -.-

  34. james9689 says:

    Government grown, government approved. Can anyone else say government backed pharma corporations.

  35. younizzle says:

    At the start of this video the news lady states that an estimated 7 million dollars is made fr this herb. If it was legal it wouldn’t yield this level of cash money. It also wouldn’t feed the ‘criminal under world’

    It would probably line the pockets of empty suits and reptiles.

    A cop walking around in a massive forest bitching about people growing cannabis in a fucking forest! Ha
    I didn’t watch the rest of this video I just felt compelled to say my piece….
    Let’s free the weed and dive

  36. dipmuthafukinset says:

    in your face big brother. eat bud.

  37. Yojimbo707 says:

    Cannabis Canada.

    Soil in B.C. is so good to grow top quality Cannabis.
    Cannabis is a natural and sacred herb.

  38. 187MrRuthless187 says:

    sucks I now live in a tiny town on lake simcoe and cant find some buds anywhere. LEGALIZE NOW please, so I can just grow some.

  39. GnariusFestivus says:

    laws politics aside
    lemme ask every canadian and american something
    who has bigger crime rates, who has better health care, who spends more than half their money on war
    ask yourself those questions

  40. groooveman85 says:

    Free Marc Emery

  41. nonphixional1 says:

    medical use is legal in cali. this nov we will vote to legalize…

  42. Loltochapel says:

    I was just wondering if Canada’s people and politicians are cool with cannabis and the cops can really give a shit why is not at least decriminalized overthere.

  43. JettDucket says:

    @canada995 TRUE DAT!

  44. TheDSHagi says:

    I hate how they say Americans think that this is leading to organized crime. Which is true but wouldnt be if it was legal and distributed like achohol. Stupid poloticains. (sorry for spelling)

  45. canada995 says:

    there should be a law saying that everyone should smoke pot and the world would be a better place…just look at us Canadians, and how nice and caring we are…

  46. canada995 says:

    giving weed for free…that guy is GOD..

  47. smokingajayble says:

    @Moionfire ooh no some dumb fucking loser thinks i have an obsession with him… again, couldn’t give less of a fuck. In fact it seems as tho ur the one whos so hung up on Canada not the other way around. Guess what moron, ur an asshole, dosent matter if yer from usa, canada or any other country, your still an asshole. Im cool and have lots of friends, again dosent matter what country im from im still cool and have lots of friends. So yea dont give a fuck. Loser

  48. system2030 says:

    fuck yeah

  49. thebreathingsequence says:

    All americans dont think the same way as this douche bag here. We love canada and its way of thinking. Rock on Canada! Love, Kansas

  50. everythingeco says:

    Marijuana laws are only enforced on the grounds that they are laws. The laws are based on marijuana being a dangerous drug, harmful to ones self and society as a whole. That claim is based on NOTHING!

    How do you fix this? Make sure you vote and tell others to vote ONLY for the politicians that speak with insight and reason. Never before have we had something with positive implications on nearly every problem in the USA!

    Fix the economy, Stop the violence, Heal the Sick



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