Old West Lingo

October 20, 2015   ·   0 Comments

People had a different way of saying things a hundred years ago. Particularly in the Old West. An Easterner arriving in an Old West town ...

Old People

Attitudes towards old people take a natural course in our lifetimes. When we’re young, its “Old people! No time for them! They’re a pain in ...

Dogs and Us

Was sittin’ on a bale o’hay out back the other day, thinkin’. I was watchin’ my old dog Duke layin’ under the shade tree, actin’ ...

Respect Our Flag

Well told, Shane. Thank you.

What Happened to the End of the World?

The end of the world has come and gone. We live on until another unexplained event in history comes forward and wipes us out.

OBSERVANCE: Bills: Everybody’s Got’em

Everybody has bills. Even before you are born, you’re creating bills.


Hay, folks. Welcome to Bob’s blog. I just switched over to WordPress over B2Evolution, so bear with me while I populate this space with some ...