Check Out Every Subclass From Destiny: The Taken King’s E3 2015 Reveal

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Some of the coolest additions to Destiny coming with The Taken King are the new subclasses. With different super moves, skills, grenades, and melee attacks, the subclasses change the way you play.

This is the Hunter’s Shadowshot super move, which is a Void bow with the ability to kill an enemy instantly if it connects. It also creates a well that slows and blinds enemies trapped within.

The Shadowshot super move will be very useful in cooperative modes, but in competitive multiplayer it seemed more irritating than effective.

The Shadowshot super move will be very useful in cooperative modes, but in competitive multiplayer it requires a quick reaction to shoot down the enemies trapped inside.

This is the Warlock’s new Stormcaller subclass, which lets you shoot lightning bolts out of your hands with the Stormtrance super move. The bolts chain between enemies, too.

It’s moderately effective in competitive multiplayer, although it takes patience to kill enemies and leaves you vulnerable while you’re shooting lightning bolts. Using it feels like using Destiny’s machine guns: they’re powerful, but kills are not instantaneous.

This is the Titan’s new class, Sunbreaker. It has the most powerful super move of the three: the Hammer of Sol. It gives you a flaming hammer that you can throw to kill enemies.

The Hammer of Sol seemed to be the most effective in competitive multiplayer, letting players kill three to four opponents with ease during each use.

One of the new maps, Crossroads, is reminiscent of Bungie’s days with Halo. Teleporters and man cannons highlight this level, letting players move around quickly.

The new Mayhem game mode is crazy, and playing it showcased the differences between the subclasses. Short super move recharge timers make games quick and explosive.

Capture the Flag is finally coming to Destiny in the form of Rift, a game in which you attempt to score a ball with style in the opposing team’s goal. If you do a backflip into the goal, you get extra points.



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