DAVE WARDEN PRESENTS Show #1 Part 3 of 4 itunes.apple.com New Media Superstar Dave Warden is back and stonier than ever in this first episode of DAVE WARDEN PRESENTS!!The variety show for the smoking masses! The WEED Report is a zero profit show produced out of pocket by Dave Warden. Please support The WEED Report by purchasing a T-Shirt, KIND CITY DVD, or SEXY OIL album. All proceeds go to buy gear and bandwidth for the world’s greatest WEED show. Dave and all the volunteers at TWR thank you for your support. WEED REPORTER T-SHIRT theweedreport.com KIND CITY DVD theweedreport.com SEXY OIL, The Dave Warden Story itunes.apple.com Share dave warden presents the weed report thc medical marijuana

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