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Delays in Illinois’ Medical Marijuana Program Leaves Patients Feeling Forgotten

January 25, 2015   ·   0 Comments

How foolish of those Illinoisans that thought just because former governor Pat Quinn signed legislation permitting the implementation (or serious lack thereof at this point) of a four-year medical marijuana pilot program into law that they were actually going to get access to the plant before the four year’s were up, right?

The law was passed in August of 2013. And for those Illinois residents that feel medical marijuana may be their only hope for reprieve, the clock is quickly winding down on the small, four-year window of permitted use.

Former governor Pat Quinn finished his period in office without having issued the licenses necessary to commence the cultivation and dispensing of medical marijuana via state-authorized distributors.

illinois letterNow, the potential patients that finally received notification from the Illinois Department of Health that they were indeed approved for the program after a ridiculously-long wait can’t even access marijuana. (Legally anyway.)

These delays in fully implementing the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program has left qualified patients feeling as if the government of Illinois has forgotten about them. And why shouldn’t they feel that way? The law was enacted almost two years ago and not one patient has been able to take full advantage of the program’s objective all because state officials apparently can’t remember how they were voted into office in the first place.

Kelly Sindowski, mother of 3-year-old son Harrison who suffers from a severe form of epilepsy that causes 10-15 seizures a day, was hoping marijuana would ease her son’s pain. But the delays in completing the program’s implementation have left her among the many patients that are feeling frustrated.

“We felt we had a win,” Sindowski declared. “It’s kind of like saying, you won’t get your trophy for another year. It’s rough we are running out of time.”

Patients recently spent time demanding answers in regards to what’s taking so damn long via numerous phone calls to the state’s new head honcho Governor Bruce Rauner’s office only to receive the reply that the matter is “under review”.

What a crock of bureaucratic-bullcrap.

Good luck, qualified medical marijuana program patients of Illinois! You’re really going to need it!

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