Demi Lovato’s Show Must Go On

Go On 11/13/10 at 12:30 PM Comment 1 Comment Comments Photo: Wiki While its star seeks treatment for drugs, booze, self-mutilation, and eating disorders, Disney Channel plans to temporarily rework Lovato’s show, the unfortunately titled Sonny With a
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The Narcotic Farm: The Rise and Fall of America’s First Prison for Drug Addicts

From 1935 until 1975, just about every junkie busted for dope went to the Narcotic Farm. Equal parts federal prison, treatment center, farm, and research laboratory, the Farm was designed to rehabilitate addicts and help researchers discover a cure for drug addiction. Although it began as a bold and ambitious public works project, and became famous as a rehabilitation center frequented by great jazz musicians among others, the Farm was shut down forty years after it opened amid scandal over its

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