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Democratic Senator Threatens To Block DEA Nominee Leonhart

December 2, 2010   ·   0 Comments

?A Democratic Senator is threatening to block the Obama Administration’s pick to head the Drug Enforcement Administration over a dispute over restrictions on how nursing homes dispense prescription drugs to patients.The DEA has stepped up a crackdown on facilities allowing nurses or other nursing home staff to dispense powerful prescription drugs without a doctor’s authorization, reports Evan Perez at The Wall Street Journal.The nursing home crackdown is supposedly part of a wider DEA effort to “prevent abuse” of prescription painkillers, which are often diverted to the black market for large profits.Nursing home facilities aren’t staffed with enough doctors to be on hand to prescribe drugs every time they’re needed, according to industry groups. And nursing homes don’t seem inclined to change their “business models,” since keeping more doctors on staff would reduce profits.

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