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Derby the Labrador Mix Pictures 1037384

Hi, my name is Derby. I’m a sweet Lab mix from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I enjoy snuggling, chewing on crunchy leaves, devouring bully sticks, and stealing slippers. I met my new mom and dad when I was eight weeks old, and back then I was very shy and quiet. But I’ve developed quite the personality now and am definitely queen of the household. I’ve been going to weekly puppy classes for the past month, and I’ve mastered sitting and lying down for a treat. Easy peasy! Now I’m learning to love going for long walks in my neighborhood. My front yard is full of sticks and pinecones, and I love playing fetch and hide and go seek with them. I also like to just sit in the sun and chew on a nice clump of pine needles every so often. One of my favorite things to do is keep an eye on my yard by looking out the front window from the couch. Sometimes pesky birds like to play out there, and it’ up to me to sneak up on them and scare them off.

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