Drug War Video Stash: Cops, Clergy and Citizens Seek to Snuff Out the War on Drugs

November 14, 2013   ·   0 Comments

Rarely does anything make me happier or prouder to be an American, then when I see Cops stand up against the mass casualties and collateral damage done by our federal government’s senseless war against mental illness. I mean, the war on drugs. Carnage perpetuated through the lobbying efforts of industries which profit from greed over compassion legislation; meanwhile the weak are stomped into submission through incarceration, addiction and death – thanks to diminished health standards in the illegal black-market arena.

In this 13 minute law enforcement against Prohibition video we get a peek at the ugly underbelly of what keeps the war on drugs fueled and running at top speed.

Our next group to stand up, and speak out against the war on drugs is a group of Catholic,Christians, Protestant, Baptisit and Jewish clergy from around the country, who shudder over the injustice rained down on the poorest and most in need of help in our country.

It is critical for all who read this to understand, that if we don’t put our foot down now, and force the federal government to acknowledge America’s desire to change the current drug war policy we are dooming ourselves to this type of future…
Our last video by the marijuana policy project, asks the seemingly simple question – which requires critical thinking – not something our politicians seem to be up to lately. Why is marijuana illegal?


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