Ecole George Mélies Taps E-on Tools for 3D Environments Boost

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Global computer graphics software development leader E-on software announced that leading French 3D animation school Ecole George Mélies has deployed VUE and PlantFactory software to further its students’ skills and bolster creativity in developing stunning 3D environments.

“Today, 3D animation schools must offer a wide range of skill sets and competencies to make sure students can meet the high level and variety of creative demands that will be placed upon them across the movie, VFX, and gaming industries. At Ecole Georges Mélies, we are dedicated to leveraging creative and artistic techniques, technology, and software to enhance and expand our creative learning model,” said Franck Petitta, director general, Ecole George Mélies.

“E-on software’s VUE and PlantFactory software will enable us to teach our students new skills in environment and vegetation design, and the software is easier to use and less expensive than other software solutions. VUE and PlantFactory will be used along with additional software such as 3ds Max, Maya, Unreal, Unity 3d, and others. Students and professors have already found VUE and PlantFactory to be highly useful tools in their projects and education.”

The school’s graduates include many well-known digital artists, such as Audrey Ferrara of MPC, Nims Bun at ILM, and Vincent Caudeville at Iloura. Alumnus Ersan Musa recently utilized VUE for the short film Kebab Romance (Prélude à un amour sans faim), which has been warmly received at festivals around the world.

“Advised by an environmental software artist, I tested VUE. It was so powerful yet easy to use that I decided to use it in my graduation movie, with great success!” said Musa, whose team also included fellow students Hélène Guillem and Colin Huard. The animators used Maya and Nuke in addition to VUE.

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Dream sequence from ‘Prélude à un amour sans faim’ by Ersan Musa, Hélène Guillem and Colin Huard (Ecole George Mélies)

Dream sequence from ‘Prélude à un amour sans faim’ by Ersan Musa, Hélène Guillem and Colin Huard (Ecole George Mélies)

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