EU Launches ‘Weed Like to Talk Initiative’ Seeking To Legalize Marijuana Across Europe

February 26, 2014   ·   0 Comments

EU residents of voting age have long been able to submit “citizen’s initiatives” which, if they manage to gather the required signatures, would force Europe’s politicians to initiate specific legislation. While effective, it’s a complicated process. Anyone hoping to fire up such initiatives are required  to gather a minimum number of 1 million signatures from no less than seven different European countries. And that’s exactly what the people from the “Weed like to talk initiative” did.

While Americans were busy scurrying to the polls last November, the EU fired up their “Weed Like to Talk Initiative,” with only one goal in mind – to legalize and regulate marijuana across Europe. With their marching orders in hand, the initiative’s backers started collecting signatures last week. Thanks to their dope “platform.”

Archaic pot policies enforced by some of the EU’s Member States convert law-abiding citizens into pot smoking criminals, while other more forward thinking EU states allow their citizens to legally consume marijuana. The unspoken reality is that, marijuana discrimination is a topic of debate around the globe.

The European initiative hopes to force a resolution for the EU, fixing the perplexing pot issue by adopting a continent wide policy on the control and regulation of marijuana cultivation, sales and use.

Pinpointing Europe’s hypocritical divide, pointed to the fact that, “ Cannabis use is a matter of every citizen’s freedom of opinion and right of control over his or her own body, as in the case of alcohol and tobacco. It has been shown many times that the health risks of cannabis are much lower than that of legal drugs used for recreational purposes (alcohol, tobacco) and medical purposes (pain killers, psychoactive medication). Yet cannabis is still considered as a narcotic drug and therefore a “punishable offence” by the United Nations (2), although this classification is more and more disputed (3).

Most Europeans understand that drug trafficking is a byproduct of prohibition, rather than the result of a population gone wild. Those considered criminals are simply people looking to profit off the repressive and backwards State policies – in other words – the perceived problem with marijuana is simply the result of a Drug War gone awry, far from the perpetuated character assassination of a plant causing widespread “Reefer Madness.”

The good people from the “Weed Like to Talk” initiative have approximately 12 months to gather the required 1 million pro-pot signatures they need to be taken seriously by EU politicians… Good luck Europe.



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