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Famous Author Learns The Truth About Marijuana

September 5, 2012   ·   0 Comments

I really love stories like the one I read on The Huffington Post today. Stories about people who believed what they heard about marijuana and then researched it for themselves. People like Laurel Dewey, a well-known author.

420timesjoint 5 small Famous Author Learns The Truth About MarijuanaIn an op-ed on HuffPo posted today, Laurel describes her journey of understanding.

“It all started three years ago when I decided to finally research marijuana,” she writes. “If anything, I was determined to prove to myself and others that my concerns were valid. Living in Colorado where medical marijuana was legal to possess and grow once you qualified for a ‘red card’, I was surrounded by ‘pot shops.’ Thanks to Amendment 20 in our State Constitution, these dispensaries grew and flourished faster than it takes a medical marijuana bud to mature. In Denver County alone, there are around 400 medical marijuana dispensaries, outnumbering the 375 Starbucks statewide. I freely admit that I mocked these businesses and rolled my eyes at the people who frequented them. So, on that summer day nearly three years ago, I decided to dig into this controversial plant and arm myself with even more information that would support my anti-marijuana stance.

“But a strange thing kept happening. The more I dug into what some opponents refer to as “the green menace,” the more I continued to find research studies I wasn’t aware existed. Some of these studies had been buried — perhaps purposely — and made scientific claims about Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa that I found almost too good to be true. For example, I read a 1974 study (published in 1975) that was conducted at the University of Virginia that proved that the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant shrunk cancerous tumors and killed cancer cells, leaving healthy cells alone. Even though it was there in black and white, I still didn’t buy it. So I kept investigating. I found that when I used the Internet search terms ‘cannabis+indica+healing+benefits,’ I got a whooping 220,000 websites. When I added the word ‘medical’ to that group of words, the field increased to 452,000.”

The key, of course, is the internet. Research that used to take weeks in a library can now be done at home in a day. The lies of 75 years of propaganda are being torn down at an incredible speed. Technology has amplified the light of truth to a power previously unknown.

Legalization is inevitable.

– Joe Klare

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