Final Fantasy 7 – Barret and Vincent overflow glitch guide!!

So i’ve seen people ask time and time again, how do you do the damage overflow glitch? Well, i took it upon myself to try and answer ALL the questions related to the glitch! I tried to make it as accurate as possible so feel free to correct me with comments, or send me any other suggestions! I’ll happily give you credit in the video description if you have some good ideas! Here are a few Q&A i didn’t get to cover in the video itself. 1. Why does this glitch happen? Now, i’m not 100% sure on this but here’s my theory. For some reason, the damage that Barret and Vincent can do keeps going up past what the game is supposed to allow. And for some other reason, Hero drinks actually still increase their damage! Since the game doesn’t recognize why they can do so much damage, it solves the problem by simply killing the monster you are hitting because it has no other solution. Again thats my just my theory so please let me know if there is a more accurate explanation. 2. What is the W-item glitch? The w-item glitch allows you to duplicate items over and over that can be used in battle. So you select the first item and assign it against an ememy/friend, select the next item cancel, select again, cancel repeat. As you keep selecting and canceling the second item you’ll notice the count for that item rising. This glitch makes mastering your KOTR much easier because you never have to hunt for elixirs which is much too tedious. And of course you need these elixirs for feeding to the

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