Here is my story, please please please ease my mind and tell me what you think

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So i have a pre employment test on the 11th will be 38 days here is the story

Smoking history: was just about a daily smoker(some times just a chillum a night though) every day for a few years until april 3rd, i have a test on may 11th, so it will be 38 days since last smoked.

Body: I am 6,1 165 19 years old
i would say i have a some what medium-fast metablism, not really sure

Eating habbit: some what healthy do not eat alot but dont really watch what i eat

Exercise: have been running about a mile or two every day for a week but i stopped today because people have told me to

I took a home cvs test first check 3 weeks ago, got a faint negative but passed

then i took another 3 days ago, first thing in the morning on the first stream of piss of the day, passed with another faint negative line.

I also plan on using the N2 dilution plan, so drinking alot of liquid and asprin.

So what do you guys think, i have passed 2 tests, one on the first days stream.

Please help


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