High End: Ten Luxury Essentials for Marijuana Enthusiasts

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1.  Illadelph Glass Coil


Illadelph Glass has dominated the luxury glass market for years. Based out of Philadelphia, PA, these glass blowers revolutionized weed smoking with their innovative detachable coil design. The coil is surrounded by liquid glycerin and encased in thick glass. This glycerin is the same material that is in ice packs so you can freeze it over and over. While most people put ice in their bong, you can simply put your coil in the freezer and pop it on the base when ready to smoke. Illadelph makes many different variations and custom pieces, but the standard price tag for a coil is around $ 900. You can purchase one here.

2.  Hermès Ashtray


Since 1837, Hermès has been synonymous with luxury. This French fashion house only uses the finest materials, and the price tag shows. While this Hermès ashtray is not marijuana related, it makes for a seriously ballin’ place to ash your blunts. Made from porcelain and boasting the signature horse and carriage logo, you can guarantee that this piece will spark conversation after sparking up. The Hermès Mosiac Ashtray comes in at $ 830 and can be purchased from their website.

3.  Hitman Glass Recycler

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 8.37.29 AM

Hitman Glass is quickly becoming one of the top glass brands in the marijuana industry. With super sleek and high quality designs, stoners and artists alike are gravitating towards these pieces. One of their most popular rigs are their 10mil recyclers. These bad boys are very small, but pack a punch. The smoke circulates and accumulates in the multiple chambers and channels a very smooth hit. We were actually lucky enough to test these out published an in-depth product review that you can check out here. Hitman offers many different variations of the recycler and they start around $ 500. You can purchase them through TheDabStore.

4.  Shine Gold Rolling Papers

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.35.53 PM

Gold is the color of luxury. For thousands of years humans have waged war over this precious metal. Now it’s 2014, and the guys over at Shine Papers decided to develop a rolling paper that allowed smokers to stunt on the competition. This is the first ever 24K gold rolling paper. Not only is the paper gold, but your ashes come out as gold as well. With that said, they have done extensive testing to ensure that it is no more harmful than your regular rolling paper. They offer a few different products, but a 12-pack of these precious papers go for $ 55. You can purchase them here.

5.  Cannador

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.38.13 PM

Any herb aficionado will tell you that it is crucial to keep your marijuana fresh. Whether it be a pop-top bottle or ziploc bag, it is safe to say that your weed is drying out as you read this article. Just like beer or tobacco, the storage of your product is just as important as how it is made. Growers spend years perfecting their craft and they deliver deliciously dank flowers for you to enjoy. Why not keep your bud just as fresh as when you got it?  The guys over at Cannador had the same question. Inspired from a cigar humidor, the Canndor uses similar technology to keep your marijuana from drying out and losing valuable THC.  Not only that, but the Cannador traps odors in the box and uses it’s proprietary Humidity Bead System to insert moisture back into the flowers. You can purchase the Cannador in multiple different wood grains and they start at $ 179. Order one here.

6.  Herbalizer Vaporizer

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.41.43 PM

This strange looking contraption is a brand new product out of San Diego, CA. Created by former NASA engineers, the Herbalizer has innovated the vaporizer industry. It comes with multiple settings like Aromatherapy, Vaportherapy, and the traditional balloon method. This versatility allows the smokers to enjoy their herbs in a number of different ways at the click of a button. Along with a convenient storage compartment for your flowers, the Herbalizer is raising the standards of smoking and we cannot wait to get our hands on one. Their first run, limited-edition vape starts at $ 729 and is available on their website.

7.  D-Nail 2.0


The D-Nail is one of the hottest pieces of smoking tech in the marijuana industry. Utilizing electrical titanium heating, this product makes enjoying concentrates efficient and effective. You simply have to set the temperature on the digital gauge and you are off to the races. There is no butane torch, and no peripheral components needed. Along with the sleek and compact component box, the D-Nail is guaranteed to get the job done.  For a more in-depth explanation, we did a product review which can be found here. Starting at $ 650, this product is definitely for the concentrate connoisseur and can be purchased here.

8.  Rodawg Smoking Cones

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.44.29 PM

Rodawg is a brand new marijuana start-up that is looking to redefine smoking accessories. This New York based company has received over $ 500,000 in seed funding and has already launched its first products. These are the Rodawg Smoking Cones. Coming in a sleek tin case and using the highest quality bleached papers from the Netherlands, these are must for any luxury marijuana enthusiast. Rodawg is working on numerous other marijuana accessories so be sure to keep an eye out for these guys. A five-pack of these smoking cones go for $ 7.99 and can be found here.

9.  Sheldon Black Bubbler


Sheldon Black is a world-renowned glass house, known for their attention to detail and innovative designs. Shown above, this bubbler has been widely revered as one of the sleekest and highest quality. Based out of Los Angeles, SB have been creating glass pipes for over 20 years. Durable quality and easy to clean, a Sheldon Black bubbler is a solid addition to any collection. They start at around $ 300 and can be purchased here.

10.  Phuncky Feel Tips

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 5.11.02 PM

Long time smoker and marijuana advocate, B-Real of Cypress Hill, has been making waves with his new product Phuncky Feel Tips. An absolute luxury item, these hand-blown glass tips are placed on the end of a joint or blunt to ensure a perfect smoke from start to finish. Developed by world famous glass house ROOR, these high quality tips are a must-have for any avid smoker. A three pack goes for $ 24.99 and can be purchased on their website.



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