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Wine pairing has become somewhat of a phenomenon over the past few decades, taking two experiences enjoyable on their own and combining them in a way that brings out the best in both. The extent of my wine knowledge is pretty much red or white, so we’ll be substituting weed for the wine, and music for the food (don’t worry, you’ll eat plenty after we’re done here). While every strain of weed gives a unique experience, pairing each with a piece of music can give the journey a multidimensional feel. You’ll hear new sounds buried in the song that you never caught before, as well as give your high a whole new soundtrack. Eventually, you’ll start associating certain strains with specific music, possibly even creating strain-specific playlists, if you’re as weird as yerboi. Check out custom music pairings below for an Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa.

Kanye West is crazy, something you can never take away from him. He sees it as an asset, though, exclaiming, “I can’t let these people play me, name one genius that ain’t crazy” on “Feedback” from The Life Of Pablo. While West’s off-wax persona has become increasingly polarized over the last decade, his music has become more influential. For example, the recent melodic boom in hip-hop (see: Future and Young Thug, even newcomers like Lil Uzi Vert and Post Malone) has traces all the way back to Kanye’s oft-maligned 808’s & Heartbreak. While Drake may have perfected rap-singing, Yeezy paved the way for that to be considered hip-hop. The man doesn’t miss come album time, ever.

The Life Of Pablo is a sonic roller coaster that has moments of soul-crushing heaviness as well as euphoric weightlessness, much like the strain we’ll be pairing it with today. When matching a piece of music with a strain of weed, you want it to enhance the experience but not be so overpowering that it takes you out of it. That’s why we’ll be enjoying Kanye’s TLOP with a fresh batch of God’s Gift — aaaand you should’ve seen that coming a mile away. Obviously, the self-proclaimed “best artist of the century” would be paired with the most potent indica in the game. It’s just too perfect. When I read the texture description on our God’s Gift strain page, the whole thing was cemented.

  • A tad rough on the touch, like most OGs, but when you break her open, there’s a smooth core.

Awww, it’s a match made in heaven. Now that we’ve found our strain, it’s time to roll up and hit play. Right off the bat, the combo will give you chills. God’s Gift offers patients a “powerfully mellow, cerebral high that leaves one knocking on heaven’s door,” which is exactly where the album’s opener “Ultralight Beam” takes you. It’s airy and light while still pounding you in the chest with its low end. Kanye, Kelly Price, The-Dream, and Chance The Rapper paint a masterpiece before Kirk Franklin offers a blessing for the rest of your journey.


With a bloodline of Grandaddy Purp and OG Kush, God’s Gift is a one way ticket to horizontal life contemplation, and I can’t think of a better soundtrack. While “Feedback” is a middle finger to your detractors, The Weeknd-assisted “FML” is more reflective and vulnerable. Most of your body might be incapacitated, but your head will still be bobbing uncontrollably to the dark and ominous “Freestyle 4” before ‘Ye pulls you back in close with the raw-yet-endearing “I Love Kanye.” I guess it’s good that God’s Gift is recommended for neck pain.  

This next one has been yerboi’s go-to pairing for the last month or so since the album dropped. Fair warning, it’s a little out there. We’ll be pairing Larry Fisherman’s Run On Sentences. Volume 2 with a ferocious batch of Gorilla Glue. It’s an instrumental album, so the potent hybrid will take center stage with its deeply relaxing high. Trust me, you’ll find all the change. If it’s not all over your fingers, you didn’t do it right. All my favorite kinds of cereal have Gorilla Glue residue fingerprints on the box, so definitely don’t commit any felonies. Fisherman’s production will assist in the couchification process using heavy drums and other-worldly synths, putting its audience into a deep trance.


The pungent hybrid is a superstar in the game, having taken home gold at both the LA and Michigan Cannabis Cups in 2014. Larry Fisherman also happens to be a superstar hybrid, as the producer persona is merely one of many masks worn by Mac Miller. The multitalented artist has developed into one of the best producers in the game, crafting a unique sound that is truly his own. On ROS Vol. 2, he shows his wide range of skills, assembling soundscapes that at times seem disjointed and scattered before he pulls it all back together with precision. The ambient sampling of unintelligible newscasts create the effect of walking through a wet, dark alley from Batman Returns as you pass by an old-school electronics store where they have all the TVs stacked in a grid. Wow, I’m high, and Gorilla Glue has claimed yet another victim in its sticky grasp. For a bonus pairing Pro-Tip, you’ll also want to add a nicely aged bag of Sour Patch Watermelons to the mix.

Santigold’s new album 99¢ is a multilayered experience, much like the strain we’ll be pairing it with today. It’s a pointed statement on society-wide celebrity obsession and the value of music in the digital age, packaged neatly into 80’s dance pop shrink wrap. Out here in California, where we’re gearing up for summer (sorry New England), this is the perfect set to blast out your open windows as you cruise around or sit on the freeway for forty-five minutes trying to go two miles. The perfect strain to puff while you listen to 99¢ would have to feel like a vacation. The album feels tropical, so we’re flying to Hawaii for the Maui Waui, known for its sweet pineapple flavor and tendency to raise team morale.


The classic sativa is famous for its energetic high, perfect for the spontaneous dance party you’re about to have. Songs like “Can’t Get Enough Of Myself” and “Banshee” are definitely party starters like our Maui Waui. As you get a little deeper into the album, though, and up your dosage of the Waui, you’ll start to realize things aren’t all daisies and sunshine. The sativa will have you feeling relaxed for the darker portions of 99¢, notably “Chasing Shadows,” “Before The Fire,” and the self-produced “Outside The War.” It’s hard to pinpoint a favorite on the album because it has anthems like “Run The Races” and “Rendezvous Girl,” where you’ll find yourself humming the melody hours later. They mirror each other in cohesiveness as well, with the album covering all the stylistic bases and giving you a complete experience reminiscent of the wide-ranging high of the Maui Waui. Santigold managed to deliver an album that you should not only play while you’re at the beach but listen to again closely at home for the underlying message. While you won’t find any Maui Waui for 99¢, we can assure you it’s worth the splurge, especially when paired with this awesome throwback to pop music of yesteryear.

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