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Interview: Nintendo Talks eShop Disparity, Miiverse, and Wii U’s Online Focus At Launch

September 14, 2012   ·   0 Comments

While Nintendo’s press conference in New York City on Thursday revealed many of the key details on Wii U we had all been waiting for — namely its price and release date — there were many lingering issues left to be addressed. Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen may be best known as the frequent translator for Shigeru Miyamoto, but he’s also the company’s Product Marketing Manager. Jose Otero and Anthony Parisi turned to him to find out more about transferring digital content from a Wii to Wii U, the reason for the disparity between the Japanese and North American eShops, plans for selling standalone GamePads, lessons learned from WiiConnect24, and why online play wasn’t an emphasis for Nintendo’s first-party games at launch.

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1UP: From what you’ve seen, how is Nintendo adapting to the U.S. market right now, considering the state of the Japanese yen versus the dollar? How does that influence the approach?



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