Jitta On The Track Takes You On An “L Ride” For 420 (Marijuana.com Exclusive)

First of all, I’d like to wish everyone the happiest of 420s, may you puff the finest tree and dab the most potent oils. Second, we have a pretty dope surprise for you to celebrate today’s special occasion. Rapper/singer/painter/all around stand up guy Jitta On The Track blessed by yerboi and all yerboi’s bois (that’s you) with a brand new song to bump whether you’re at home chilling with friends or out on an “L Ride” clam baking the whip. Produced by Jitta and Curt from the Young Boyz, “L Ride” is an acoustic guitar-driven banger that samples a 2001 Nelly smash you may remember. Jitta shows his range throughout, switching effortlessly between melodic crooning and rapping on the Marijuana.com exclusive.


When I asked Jitta what the holiday meant to him, he said, “420 to me is like Thanksgiving with just the homies, a peace pipe meeting of the year. It’s Earth Day for the soul. Oh and this is my first 420 in LA so it means a lot.” He told me he initially started smoking weed when he figured out what having a spirit meant. I asked Jitt if he remembered the first time he smoked, something that’s a sacred moment in a stoner’s life. “First time I smoked an L was with my middle school teacher, Mr. Elision. He was an old white hippy that taught me about Black history in a white washed school.”


Jitta moved out to California last Summer and said living in Los Angeles, where there’s a rich cannabis culture, has helped him pinpoint specific strains to manage his Bipolar disorder. “I usually go to DC Collective out in Woodland Hills. TRUE is my favorite indica, and when I want a sativa, I get the Platinum Blue Dream.” As far as strains he doesn’t mess with, Jitta called out Green Crack. “I think it’s the worst weed I’ve ever smoked, just does nothing for me. I’ve tried it from every dispensary around me.” The beauty of the evolved weed culture we live in is that we have the choices and options to find what we do like and what we don’t, and that’s something to celebrate #OnThis420.


For those unfamiliar with Jitta, the Florida-born talent grew up in Connecticut, where he honed his skills and built the Lumber Life brand. His discography has everything from EDM-inspired pop records to hard-hitting squad anthems, and he’s got fans in high places. His versatile style got him hand-picked to be an opener on Drake’s Club Paradise Tour, which had Jitta traveling the country performing alongside industry heavyweights like J. Cole, 2 Chainz, Waka Flocka, and many more. The exposure helped grow his fan base exponentially, and the newfound fans stuck around too. Jitta has a loyal following that’s been along for the ride as he has evolved his sound over the past few years into what you hear today.

As an added bonus, Jitta worked on some “L Ride”-inspired art for us and we’re stoked to share that with you as well! Check out the five very rare paintings below, including my personal favorite with the fogged up car window. If you like what you hear from Jitta On The Track, you can find his work on Soundcloud, YouTube, and iTunes (his most recent album Bipolar is a must-listen). You can see a lot of his paintings and sculptures on his Instagram, leave him a comment if you’re interested in a piece of your own. You can stream “L Ride” below, but make sure you have a few blunts rolled and ready. Share the track with your friends on this 420, and we hope everybody has a great holiday!

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