Jon Stewart Torches Bill O’Reilly’s Assertion…That Smoking Pot is “Literally Russian Roulette”

January 10, 2014   ·   0 Comments

Jon Stewart has no patience for ignorance, particularly when it comes to the hypocrisy of marijuana legalization. On Tuesday of this week, Jon and his Daily Show ran two stories about Colorado and the value of legalizing marijuana. Jon put a rational spotlight on the otherwise insane response that cable news had over pot’s legalization.

Stewart spoke to the new rules and regulations surrounding Colorado’s pot laws, and in particular set his sights on Bill O’Reilly’s complete lack of understanding of marijuana, challenging Bill and his “old timey Americana restoration hour” logic.

Specifically, Jon ripped O’Reilly’s contention that weed-smoking is “literally Russian roulette,” with one exception – that guns are legal (unlike pot) and “must never be criminalized or restricted in any way…EVER.”

Not deterred by twisted rationale; Jon then takes on O’Reilly’s bizarre connections between pot-smoking and texting – and how they both are destroying America’s youth. Good God the man is shameless…

The second segment, gets to the heart of our national deception. Stewart points out the obvious – marijuana is far safer than booze. Despite pots’ relative safety to alcohol, Cables talking heads don’t condemn booze like they do marijuana, rather today’s cable news reporters tend honor booze and openly boast about getting hammered with liquor!


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