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Long-Term Logbook, April 2012: Kia Optima

May 5, 2012   ·   0 Comments

CG Observed Miles: 13,491 miles

CG Observed Fuel Economy: 25.5 mpg

Editors’ Comments:

Dave Aretha: Though Optima‘s EPA numbers (24 city/35 highway/28 overall) are impressive for a car that delivers 200 horsepower, real-world numbers have fallen significantly short of those numbers. Through 12,000-plus miles, we’re averaging 25.2 mpg despite a healthy mix of city and highway driving.

Long-Term Tests

Over the course of the year, our editors drive approximately 200 new cars and trucks. Most vehicles are evaluated over a two-week period; some are evaluated for six to 12 months. The vehicles we drive for this extended period of time are called Long-Term Testers.

Don Sikora: Our long-term Kia Optima is nearing the end of its year-long stay, but it still impresses for good looks, a comfortable interior, and fine highway fuel economy.

Jack Stewart: A large trunk and roomy interior makes the Optima a good vehicle for camping. The navigation system was useful to find a poorly marked state park entrance.

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