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Long-Term Logbook, June 2012: 2012 Hyundai Accent

August 1, 2012   ·   0 Comments

CG Observed Miles: 5,504 miles

CG Observed Fuel Economy: 29.1 mpg

Editors’ Comments:

Dave Aretha: Those who feel that subcompacts are cheap and cramped haven’t been in a Hyundai Accent. This 2012 Best Buy accommodates drivers with a comfortable, roomy, pleasant cabin. It’s fun to handle, though merging onto the highway can be a chore. Just don’t be fooled by the $ 12,445 base MSRP. That’s for the manual, and it doesn’t include A/C, power windows, or power locks. The automatic includes those features and starts at $ 15,195.

Long-Term Tests

Over the course of the year, our editors drive approximately 200 new cars and trucks. Most vehicles are evaluated over a two-week period; some are evaluated for six to 12 months. The vehicles we drive for this extended period of time are called Long-Term Testers.

Dave Hall: The Accent, though it’s a hatchback, is remarkably fun to drive. It takes corners with little body lean, inspires confidence with its positive steering feel, and comes to a halt quickly with solid-feeling brakes. It’ll put away a surprisingly large amount of cargo for a small car, as well. And, at around $ 16,000 with an as-tested fuel-economy average of 29.3 mpg, it’s quite affordable. Overall, the Accent is really worth a look–and a test drive.

Jack Stewart:
Some subcompact cars are great around town, but are penalty boxes on road trips. That’s not case with the Hyundai Accent. I put over 800 miles on our long-term Accent and I like the car even more. The ride is comfortable and it has adequate power on the highway.

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