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Marijuana Grow. The Get High Video. Smoke a fatty to this.

September 26, 2010   ·   25 Comments

This video is a chronological account of the plant growth in my Garden of Self Medication spanning over a 7 month period. Roll up a fatty, sit back and enjoy watching nature do what it does best.
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Ed Rosenthal’s Big Buds 2010: Marijuana Calendar

Marijuana maven Ed Rosenthal brings another new cannabis calendar to the “wild weed’s” many fans. Each month features a spectacular portrait by a world-class photographer of a different marijuana varietal in full, vibrant flower. The resins look good enough to roll up, and the full plant shots are enough to make any garden grow green with envy. Full-color photos are accompanied by information from the Big Book of Buds series that describe the varietal and provide cultivation tips. In addit

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