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Medical Marijuana Research Bill Advances in Minnesota

May 12, 2014   ·   0 Comments

On Friday, members of Minnesota’s House of Representatives approved legislation that would permit the study of marijuana for medical dedications in their republic.

Said bill, which traversed the state’s House chambers by a somewhat narrow margin of 86-39, would institute an observational research study making medical marijuana accessible in liquid or pill form for those suffering with certain debilitating disorders and illnesses.

Representative Carly Melin, the bill’s lead guarantor, believes time is of the essence regarding the swiftness in which the legislation needs to progress through the legislative gauntlet of scrutiny.

“I know it’s easy for us sometimes as politicians or legislators to just tell people that we’ll wait another year, but these families can’t wait another year, they need relief now,” Representative Melin affirmed.

There’s two different wished-for pieces of legislation in play in Minnesota.

The freshly approved plan from the House says that residents would be required to register with the state’s health department in order to gain access to the herbal medicine via a licensed pharmacists as long as you don’t plan on consuming the flowers via a series of small, controlled burns. No smoking allowed! You can vape, just don’t break out the Bic.

The Senate’s proposal, which they approved on Tuesday, is little more whole plant-friendly, but they don’t want you to gain instant relief via bong rips either. Again, you can fill up the vaporizer balloons, just make sure you refrain from packing up your favorite implement of combustion.

At least under the Senate’s plan patients can possess up to two and a half ounces of the sticky stuff, which would be made accessible through one of 55 permitted dispensaries located throughout the state.

It’s been reported that the Minnesota Medical Association is in favor of the House’s plan, but not the Senate’s.

Go figure.

Keep your cursor parked right here for any new developments regarding efforts to legalize marijuana for medical purposes in the Gopher State.

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