Microsoft Suspends Gamer from Fort Gay, Apologizes

Fort Gay

Microsoft is wiping some egg from its face today, after mistakenly suspending a player account from Xbox Live for stating he lived in “Fort Gay.” The Associated Press reports that Josh Moore, a 26-year-old from the small town of Fort Gay, West Virginia, was suspended last week. Moore had to convince Xbox Live enforcement that it was a real location — a problem which could have been solved by simply Googling it.

Stephen Toulouse, chief enforcement manager for Xbox Live, apologized for the agent’s mistake and said that training has been updated. To err is human, but this latest issue stands in stark contrast to Microsoft’s recent policy update. The new Xbox Live policy allows racial and sexual identifiers in profiles, after the company was criticized for taking action against gay and lesbian players. The policy was and still is intended to prevent harassment. Apparently the word “gay” is still a red flag, and the agent may have thought Moore was mocking homosexuals. Hopefully the new training involves using an atlas before banning gamers.

[Image courtesy of Google Maps.]


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