Mother of Epileptic Son Praises ‘Charlotte’s Web’ Strain of Medical Marijuana

December 4, 2013   ·   0 Comments

Another day… another inspirational story about marijuana’s CBD cannabinoid.

While marijuana is still called an illegal narcotic by every right wing crook on big Pharma’s payroll – marijuana continues demonstrating its medicinal ability to help children trapped in a seizure ridden body, allowing them to break free from a life of seizures, pain and unnecessary procedures. Allowing for many the first trace of normalcy their tiny lives have ever enjoyed.

Nine years of suffering can seem like a lifetime, particularly to Heather Jackson’s son – Zaki.  Zaki’s painful and life-threatening epilepsy caused misery, and confusion with seemingly nonstop seizures. Leaving the little man incontinent and completely dependent on his mother. Fortunately for Zaki and his heroic mother – their situation improved drastically– thanks to medical marijuana and the CBD cannabinoids found in Charlotte’s Web.

According to the Huffington Post, That’s the name of a strain of medical marijuana being used to treat children with epilepsy. Jackson turned to the marijuana oil out of “sheer necessity” after countless attempts to help her son — which included 17 pharmaceuticals, craniosacral therapy and chiropractic adjustments, among others — failed to make a difference.

Zaki’s seizures started when he was 4 months old and completely took over his life.

“They spiraled out of control very quickly,” Jackson told HuffPost Live’s Ricky Camilleri. “He started with maybe a dozen seizures a day, and within several months he was having hundreds of seizures every day. And he lived that way for almost a decade.”

In July 2012, after no other treatments had made an impact, Jackson decided to try Charlotte’s Web, which has “literally put [Zaki’s] condition into remission,” she said.

“He went 48 hours without a seizure immediately. Within three days he was pumping his legs on the swings, which is something I had tried to teach him for seven years,” Jackson said. “Within three months, he became seizure-free, and tomorrow he’ll be 14 months seizure-free.”


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