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Nevada Lawmakers Working Toward Statewide Medical Marijuana Dispensary System

June 3, 2013   ·   0 Comments

200px Nevada StateSeal.svg Nevada Lawmakers Working Toward Statewide Medical Marijuana Dispensary SystemNevada lawmakers are earnestly working toward the passing of a theoretically profitable bill that would allow for the execution of a statewide medical marijuana dispensary system.

The Assembly voted 28-14 to pass a bill establishing medical marijuana dispensaries. The measure needs final approval from the Senate before heading to Republican Governor Brian Sandoval, who has said he will consider the proposal.

Medical marijuana advocates declare that Nevada could quite plausibly generate an estimated ten to thirty million dollars annually in state resources if the bill successfully traverses the final hurdles of legislative srcutiny.

“This potentially could be a huge money maker for the state,” proclaimed Senator Tick Segerblom, Senate Bill 374’s primary sponsor.

Nevada’s medical marijuana program currently has an estimated 3,785 qualified patients throughout the state, but it still doesn’t have an actual system of medical marijuana regulation or distribution for patients that are unable to cultivate their own supply.

IMG 6896 150x150 Nevada Lawmakers Working Toward Statewide Medical Marijuana Dispensary SystemLegislators in Nevada have apparently turned their focus on efforts to create a safe, sheltered and properly regulated system, emphasizing that not just anyone will be issued program registration or permitted to operate a dispensary.

“We don’t want this to look like some Jerry Garcia smoking lounge, we want this to be a serious effort to dispense medicine.” Senator Mark Hutchison avowed.

According to the language of Senate Bill 374, dispensary owners would have the option of operating as a “for -profit”, or a “non-profit” business establishment, which Senator Hutchison declares would permit law enforcement agencies to better monitor their actions.

Business license fees would be set at an initial investment of $ 20,000 for dispensary operators and an additional $ 5,000 annually in license renewal costs. The bill also necessitates that each prospective dispensary owner submit proof of $ 150,000 worth of liquid assets.

420times 000016053635XSmall 150x150 Nevada Lawmakers Working Toward Statewide Medical Marijuana Dispensary SystemOne of the major drawbacks to the proposed legislation in question is the fact that it includes an amendment to remove the allowance of home cultivation, which leaves qualified patients no alternative for obtaining their supply of medicine other than the dispensary system.

Senator Pete Goicoechea supports Senate Bill 374 but says he is concerned about removal of the grow-your-own language, claiming that a number of his constituents can’t afford the expected $ 400-an-ounce cost.

Senator Tick Segerblom, the man responsible for drafting the bill, declares he wants the Assembly to add the home cultivation clause back into the language, but with a provision that gives “only existing patients the right to grow cannabis in Nevada.” WTF?

Senate Bill 374 has successfully traversed the Nevada Senate Finance Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee with unanimous decisions. Stay with The 420 Times for any updates regarding any further advancements.

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