New Wipeout Game Hinted at with Domain Registration

Wipeout HD Fury

When the NGP was announced earlier this year, Wipeout was shown among the franchises that are coming to the platform. The game will reportedly be known as Wipeout 2048, according to reports which are reinforced by a domain ( registered last month. A separate domain registration from late last year indicates it might not be not the only Wipeout game in the works.

A domain for something called Wipeout Trinity ( was registered this past November, as discovered by SystemLink (via NeoGAF). A whois listing shows the series’ publisher, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, as the one responsible for registering the domain.

This September will mark three years since the last game, Wipeout HD (its Fury expansion is pictured above), was released on PS3. It could be time for a new Wipeout PS3 release given how long it’s been but it’s entirely possible Trinity was an old name for the NGP game or is the title of a canceled project.


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