Next States In Line For Marijuana Legalization… Rhode Island and Alaska

As the green rush of common sense sweeps across the nation, igniting a debate over the tyrannical prohibition of marijuana. MPP’s Rob Kampia firmly believes the floodgates of marijuana legalization are open, and that Rhode Island and Alaska will join the groundbreaking states of Colorado and Washington, by legalizing recreational pot during the 2014 midterm elections.

Speaking with Reason, the marijuana policy Project Dir. made several predictions regarding the likelihood of marijuana prohibition being tossed onto the trash heap of failed federal policies.

“I think the next state to legalize will be Alaska, through a ballot initiative that were running in August of 2014, ” Kampia said to Reason. “Through state legislatures, I think the first sate is going to be Rhode Island.”

Looking forward to 2016, Kampia further prophesied that a handful of already pro medical marijuana states will be queuing up on Nov. 6th,  to cast their ballot on the perpetually hot topic of marijuana legalization for adults over the age of 21. The top five contenders looking at taking this leap of faith are Massachusetts, Maine, Arizona, California and Nevada.

With polls indicating strong support for marijuana legalization in both Alaska (54%) and Rhode Island (52%) the head of MPP made his most audacious prediction… the feds prohibition against marijuana will finally be put down, killed like a vicious rabid dog by 2019!

 ”My prediction, changing federal law will be 2019,” Kampia further added “but were going to have to deal with a lot of difficult states after 2019, like Mississippi and Alabama.”

As poll after poll demonstrate marijuana legalization reaching its ‘high water mark’ in 2013, and national independent pollsters continue indicating that a majority of Americans stand firmly on the side of rejecting marijuana prohibition and the obsolete federal law which considers cannabis as a schedule 1 narcotic within the controlled substance act. Many remain hopeful of soon rescheduling cannabis within the CSA, which is currently  lumped in with hard-core narcotics like heroin, LSD and PCP.


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