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Nintendo Needs to Get Behind Project P-100

June 10, 2012   ·   0 Comments


Minutes after Nintendo’s press
conference ended, tweets started popping
up online about a mystery Wii U launch title developed by Platinum that
was completely neglected during the media briefing. Project P-100 is a
whimsical throwback to colorful action games like
Zombies Ate My
with the Japanese
quirk of Katamari
. It’s being helmed
by Hideki Kamiya, director of Okami,
which is pretty much the most
exciting news of my life.

The playable demo placed you to
command a ground of superheroes
as they protected a suburban sprawl
from a robot invasion. You could manipulate the formation of your squad
to create various means of disposing enemies. After saving a group of
civilians from their cyborg captors, you could round them up and
deputize them as honorary superheroes who add to your roving posse of
crimefighters. Just playing the game for a few minutes made me realize
how starved I’ve been at this E3 for something that doesn’t involve
realistic murder. Charm and whimsy seem to be a rare commodity in 2012,
so I was more than thankful to see it on display in this Wii U launch
title. The visual style definitely called back to Pixar’s The
mixed with the
inane humor of Mystery Men.



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