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North Dakota Medical Marijuana Ballot Measure Approved

June 6, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Voters in North Dakota could have a chance to vote on medical marijuana legalization this fall if a newly-approved ballot measure can get enough signatures. Secretary of State Al Jaeger has approved the ballot language and now signature gathering can begin.

They’ll need at least 13,452 names to qualify for a vote. The signatures will need to be turned in by midnight Aug. 8 to get on the November ballot.

If medical marijuana supporters miss the August deadline, they’ll have until June 2013 to collect the required number of signatures.

The measure would allow people with glaucoma, cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder and other medical conditions to use marijuana legally if a doctor recommended it.

The state Health Department would be in charge of licensing the medical marijuana business.

420times 000014887642XSmall 150x150 North Dakota Medical Marijuana Ballot Measure ApprovedThe momentum for medical marijuana is unstoppable. It just goes to show that the truth cannot be contained. No matter how much the federal government claims that cannabis has no medicinal value, millions of people prove them wrong every day.

Poll numbers for medical cannabis are always 70+% and state lawmakers have no choice but to respond to the will of their constituents. While federal politicians and officials drag their feet, their position is made to look even more ridiculous with every state that considers and passes medical marijuana laws.

Marijuana is medicine. The truth cannot be contained.

– Joe Klare

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