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Oakland To Give Drug Dealers First Crack At Weed Licenses

May 19, 2016   ·   0 Comments

It’s pretty much an axiom that convicted felons are barred from the cannabis industry nationwide. It even seems to make sense: you don’t want to taint the fast-becoming-acceptable “green rush” with even a hint of crime. Ironically, that bars some of the most qualified people, with years of practical experience, from working in what’s suddenly a legal trade. And because black and Hispanic people are arrested for drugs far more than white people, even while using drugs at about the same rate, it also amounts to a de facto racial inequity in an already lily-white industry.

But now Oakland is again planning to change the rules, by actually giving people who have been recently incarcerated for marijuana “crimes” fast-track access to permits for future marijuana businesses. This might make the Oakland permit process a bit more cumbersome in the short run, but should definitely help right some past wrongs and restore some equality to the cannabis industry there. Predictably, there are plenty of people (generally white) against this move, but that will be the case as long as people continue to use the word “reparations” to describe it, rather than another, more accurate and less racially-charged one: fairness.

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