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Our Guy Was There: 4-20, Hippie Hill, Golden Gate Park

April 21, 2011   ·   0 Comments

?By Jack RikessToke of the TownNorthern California CorrespondentIt starts on the downbeat about an hour before noon.Five cats in assorted guises from assorted backgrounds bang on congas, snares, and on upside-down five-gallon buckets, pounding out an Afro-beats while the first couple hundred of celebrators mosey their way into Golden Gate Park, and to establish themselves at party central headquarters, Hippie Hill.It will be another five hours or so before the land and the world as we know it will bend in time. The reality that we call Marijuana for some, will change their conscientiousness and for others just take their change. For now, everything seems copacetic, tranquil, and even sedate with just of a hint of backbeat in the air.Since early morning, folks of all creeds, colors, genders and baseball affiliations, whether Giants or A’s, have been streaming in to what should be the biggest pot party this side of Seattle. Soon there will be nothing but grins, smiles and a lot of nodding.But for now, there are some 500 people who are animated; chatting gaily laying down blankets and lugging coolers as more and more stoners appears every minute, getting ready for…something.

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