PS4 and Xbox One Get Fan-Made Iron Man/Captain America Makeovers

September 10, 2015   ·   0 Comments

Modder Eddie Zarick, whose previous creations include PlayStation 4 and Xbox One laptops, one that combines both, and an R2-D2 PS4, has revealed yet another impressive lineup of custom consoles. Zarick’s latest works are PS4 and Xbox One laptops themed around Iron Man and Captain America, respectively.

Zarick says on his website that the Iron Man PS4 laptop was “built from the ground up with Tony Stark in mind.” As such, the console sports an Arc Reactor (which lights up when the system is powered on) and nice-looking red and gold Iron Man armor. On the inside is a JARVIS design and more.

Even cooler is that the Iron Man PS4 sports a built-in 10″ Android tablet that, with the PlayStation app booted up, lets you do things like scroll through system menus, message friends, and see notifications without a DualShock 4 controller. In addition, it comes with a built-in charger for the tablet.

The Captain America Xbox One laptop, meanwhile, sports the well-known Captain Rogers shield design on the back of the case. The shield itself was made using brushed metal vinyl on top of acrylic to make it look as if it has actual depth and is made of metal.

When the console boots up, the star in the middle of the shield lights up. The inside sports a design based on Captain America’s uniform, including a silver star with accents around it. These stars double as vents to keep the system cool.

Zarick’s Captain America Xbox One lap comes with a built-in, permanently installed HD capture card in the form of a Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket. All of the buttons you need to access to operate the capture card are available through the side of the unit. The console records directly to a USB stick.

Zarick says these two systems, which took him “much longer” to make compared to his past creations, represent some of his best work to date. While his past creations were made as individual orders for clients, he’s putting these two up for sale to the public on auction site eBay.

Bidding opened at 99 cents with no reserve and has climb quickly. Right now, the top bid for the Iron Man system is $ 1,150, while the Captain America console sits at $ 510. Both auctions end on Saturday, September 12.

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