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Ray Suarez: Reporter’s Notebook: A Clinic’s Strains in Mozambique

October 23, 2010   ·   0 Comments

the international medical NGO. The pharmacist there showed me empty pallets and the dwindling stocks of life-saving anti-retroviral drugs, or ARVs, on hand for the hundreds of patients who come to the dispensary every day. The clinic had just been forced
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Drugs in America: A Documentary History

Most Americans would be surprised to learn that large quantities of beer were brought over on the Mayflower and that the hallowed Puritans were fond of drink. How many today realize that hemp was once one of our most lucrative cash crops-encouraged by President John Adams and promoted by the Agriculture department? Or that cocaine, opium and heroin had several waves of popularity in this century and the last? Drugs and alcohol have been with us from the start. So have attempts to control or elim

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