Rebranded 3DS With Decreased Emphasis on 3D, Second Analog Stick Coming in 2012: Report


Nintendo has some major changes up its sleeve for the 3DS, according to a new report. Those include the release of a second analog stick attachment for the current system and a revamped version of the handheld, reports French website 01net.

An anonymous source that supposedly works within Nintendo delivered the news to the site, which previously had information about the Vita and Wii U prior to their respective announcements. According to a translation by NeoGAF, Nintendo feels it made a mistake in leaving out a second analog stick (or circle pad, as the case may be). As such, it is reportedly now working on a separate device that connects to the right side of the system and is sold for about $ 10.

That presents a number of questions like how would it connect and if the system can close with it attached. (You’d also have to worry about your finger slipping off and hitting the Power button.) It’s possible this bit is outright wrong or simply being misinterpreted; the attachment could be solely for the benefit of developers working to create games for a new version of the 3DS.


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