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Report: PSP 2 Set for Holiday Launch

January 13, 2011   ·   0 Comments

PSP logoWith the big unveiling of the PSP 2 supposedly set for January 27, MCV is now reporting new details on Sony’s next handheld — including that it’s set to launch before Christmas, perhaps as early as October.

According to “high-level sources,” Sony has already consulted with third-party developers about the system’s launch and the timing of its first wave of games. Probably the most exciting factor is that Sony is evidently requesting “richer, more in-depth content to differentiate its device from app-centric Apple and Android devices,” with Sony telling developers the PSP 2 “is as powerful as the PlayStation 3” (which seems to corroborate a past rumor that the PSP 2’s graphical capabilities will be comparable with the PS3).

The report also states the PSP 2 will run games using some kind of physical media (although what type wasn’t specified) in order to “make sure retail has a part to play in the console’s lifecycle.” It will also have access to downloadable software, but that’ll be more along the lines of smaller games and apps downloaded from the PlayStation Store, as opposed to full games like with the PSP Go.



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