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Sewer Clogged With Bales Of Marijuana In Arizona

March 11, 2011   ·   0 Comments

?Police said public works employees hauled out an estimated 39 pounds of marijuana while investigating a clogged sewer line in Nogales, Arizona on Wednesday.Workers in the southern Arizona city, near the Mexico border, found two wet, feces-covered bales of marijuana tied to a rope feeding into the sewer system, reports Hank Stephenson at the Nogales International.The bales, tied with about 900 feet and rope, were hauled out through a manhole on Hudgins Street. The sewer line from which the pot was removed feeds into the International Outflow Interceptor (IOI) from the Heroes neighborhood in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. A search of the Rio Rico sewer plant, where the IOI ends, “didn’t turn up any more drugs,” a Nogales Police Department spokesman said.Police Lt. Carlos Jiminez said it’s the first time they’ve discovered bales of marijuana tied to a rope that they believe smugglers were trying to maneuver through the sewer line, reports The Associated Press.But it’s not the first time marijuana has been found in the sewer system in Nogales. Back in 2009, several bales of pot were found clogging the IOI, according to city works employees. In February 2010, Border Patrol agents found 55 pounds of marijuana, along with a scuba tank and mask, in the storm drains that run across the U.S./Mexico border, said Border Patrol spokeswoman Colleen Agle.

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