Sony’s E3 Press Briefing Goes Heavy on PS3 Games

If Microsoft’s E3 showing was still too entertainment-centric for your liking — despite being a bit more gaming-focused than last year — Sony’s E3 press conference spent the vast majority of its time talking about games, even if the number of games shown favored Microsoft. Like Microsoft’s briefing, there wasn’t a lot in the way of surprise game announcements, although many of the games we already knew about that were shown looked great.

Following a bit of a long-winded pat on the back of gamers, Sony launched into a reveal of Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream’s next game, entitled Beyond: Two Souls. Aside from being visually impressive, the demo briefly showed off the performance of Ellen Page (she was silent for most of it), who will play the game’s protagonist, Jodie Holmes. It looked a lot like a Heavy Rain-style game with more action and a sci-fi element. The game was undoubtedly one of the highlights of not only the show, but the first day of E3, even if only because it felt like something different among a sea of shooters.


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