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Study: 63% of Gamers Think Firmware Updates Alone Enable 3D Games

October 6, 2010   ·   0 Comments


We gamers like to consider ourselves as particularly knowledgeable when it comes to cutting-edge technologies, and perhaps by and large we are. But when it comes to 3D gaming, it appears gamers still have a little more to learn. Research firm Interpret recently conducted a wide-ranging online survey in consumer interest and awareness when it comes to 3D in home entertainment, and one of the more surprising findings is that a large majority of console gamers still don’t know what’s actually necessary to play 3D console games.

According to the results of the survey (via Gamasutra), 63 percent of console owners think that a firmware update is all that’s needed to play 3D games in their homes. In reality, while Sony did indeed release a firmware update for the PlayStation 3 earlier this year to enable 3D games, it’s still necessary to purchase a new 3D-ready television and accompanying glasses in order to play 3D games (or, for that matter, watch 3D television or movies).

Additionally, 83 percent of consumers polled think that all forms of 3D require glasses in order to see the effect, despite Nintendo readying to release the glasses-free 3DS in just a few months (along with growth in other similar glasses-free 3D technology). Interpret’s Michael Cai, who presented the results of the study at the Game Developers Conference Online in Austin, Texas, said that despite this figure, he believes the 3DS will still be “a very important driver” of the acceptance of 3D technologies as a whole.



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