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Survey Reveals Why Videogame Buyers Choose New Over Used

November 24, 2010   ·   0 Comments


The gigantic used videogames market has become a major issue in the industry. GameStop in particular is making a tremendous amount of money off of used games as various publishers do what they can to incentivize gamers to purchase new copies of games instead of used ones. Analyst group Cowen and Company conducted a survey trying to find out what exactly motivates gamers to purchase new copies as opposed to used ones, with 70% of respondents claiming they will buy a new game “if they plan on playing it for a long time.”

Analyst Doug Creutz said in response to that popular answer (via Gamasutra), “We suspect there is a behavioral psychology factor at work, where gamers have an easier time justifying the higher price of a new game if they expect to get more use/value out of it, even though the utility of new vs. used on that basis isn’t any different.”

The survey polled 1,300 people, with 1,001 of those being gamers.



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