Need a Celebrity to Promote Your Weed Brand? There’s an Athlete for That.

Society has a complicated and sometimes conflicted relationship with professional athletes, but if there’s anything about jocks that we all want to emulate, it’s those hot, chiseled bods.

Our opportunities to gain those physiques traditionally have started with buying shoes or training equipment endorsed by current all-stars, but now retired athletes have entered the fray, pushing everything from oddly shaped sneakers to copper-infused bracelets. I grew up knowing Chicago White Sox slugger Frank Thomas as the Big Hurt, a mountain of a man who yawned while jacking dingers across Lake Michigan. Today younger generations know him more for his big dick, jacking wives from their husbands in a Nugenix commercial.

Retired athletes recently found one more honey hole for their spokesperson services, as hemp and marijuana become more mainstream. Ex-NBA or NFL players opening weed dispensaries or starting infused products brands are actually nothing new — Cliff Robertson, Floyd Landis, LenDale White and Al Harrington have all founded cannabis companies or dabbled in partnerships with the industry, and lesser-known retired players have made a career out of advocating cannabis use, hitting the talk-show and conference circuit for speaking gigs — but those opportunities pale in comparison with what the CBD industry is offering right now.

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Former Denver Broncos great Terrell Davis, a pitchman for a CBD-infused sports drink, has said that he thinks his injury-shortened career might have lasted longer had he taken CBD during his playing days. Last month, lovable meathead and Super Bowl champion tight end Rob Gronkowski said that CBD had “fixed” symptoms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (also known as CTE, a condition considered untreatable) brought on by concussions from football, a claim that drew a lot of criticism for its lack of scientific backing.

In June, retired NBA star Paul Pierce announced that he was launching his own CBD line, following in the footsteps of ex-NBA players Lamar Odom and Matt Barnes, ex-NFLers Ricky Williams and Kyle Turley, and former Colorado Avalanche enforcer Scott Parker. Even the guy who played Squints in The Sandlot has a CBD brand.

Former Denver Bronco Terrell Davis announced his partnership with a CBD drink earlier this year.

Former Denver Bronco Terrell Davis announced his partnership with a CBD drink earlier this year.

Aaron Thackeray

Having an athlete with a household name isn’t necessarily the point, explains Cannabis Marketing Association founder Lisa Buffo. It’s about the credentials that come with that name.

“The analogy I can best think of is a Nike shoe: It’s a performance-enhancing product. When I see an ad for an athlete using Nike shoes, I think that if it works for them on court, then it’ll work for me. It works the same for CBD,” she says. “Athletes are known for pushing their bodies to extreme limits. They’re known for pain, and they’re known for recovery.”

But starting a cannabis brand with a famous face doesn’t always guarantee success in such a fragmented market that is still largely based on commodities rather than brands, according to a recent VICE article.

“It seems everyone wants to start a weed brand now,” Buffo says. “That fame could help initially, in terms of publicity, connections and starting wealth, but it usually only works if the product is related to what made them famous.”

Pushed mainly in the wellness community, CBD has shown the potential to help with pain, anxiety and inflammation — all of which professional athletes deal with on a much greater basis than us regular folk. Despite the lack of federal regulation (and legality), CBD wellness products are now embraced by the supplement community, and a stroll through any GNC store will show you how much dietary and wellness supplement companies love athletes.

It goes without saying that currently employed professional athletes can’t partner with dispensaries or THC brands, but CBD and hemp are also virtually off limits for players in the big four American leagues (the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL) because of their close relation to marijuana. However, individual athletes such as golfers, martial artists, endurance and extreme sports competitors are now a target, as are sports media personalities.

CBDistillery, a Denver-based CBD company, employs professional MMA athletes, surfers and power lifters, but it hasn’t stopped there. Earlier this year, CBDistillery sent products to ESPN anchor Scott Van Pelt in hopes of a shout-out, which is exactly what Van Pelt gave during one of his podcasts. As the company’s public-relations coordinator, Eli Rice, points out, CBD companies are still limited by advertising laws and media policies regarding cannabis, so they get creative with marketing.

“We have a number of sponsored athletes and brand ambassadors, and are always on the lookout for new partnership opportunities. We heard on TV that Scott was interested in CBD, and jumped at the opportunity to send him product,” Rice says. “We were excited to hear him talk about our products on his podcast, as well, and are continuing to send him additional items in hopes that we can establish some type of relationship with him and potentially other ESPN personalities in the future.”

So CBD can not only give me a hot bod, but it’ll also make me a better journalist? Game on!

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Denver Marijuana Brand Lands National Expansion Agreement

Those brothers behind Binske are at it again. The Denver-based cannabis company has just announced a licensing agreement that will put the Binske brand in eleven states around the country.

According to an announcement from the company regarding its new partnership with MariMed, a publicly held cannabis investment firm based in Massachusetts, Binske will soon be available to over 52 million people aged 21 to 61 in states with medical and recreational marijuana.

Currently, Binske products are available in just Colorado and Nevada, with licensing agreements already in place for them to be sold in Florida and California by September. But thanks to the MariMed deal, soon they will also be sold in Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware and Maine.

Three of those states (Illinois, Massachusetts and Maine) have already legalized recreational marijuana, while the other four are expected to take on the issue either through the ballot or their respective state legislatures by 2020.

Binske is hoping to reach over 700 retail locations by then, quite an expansion for a company that’s less than five years old.

“MariMed is highly particular about the brands and products we align with, so we are very pleased about this licensing deal and eager to help expand their reach through our channels,” MariMed chief product officer Ryan Crandall says of Binkse in a statement outlining the deal.

Binske was founded in 2015 by Jake Pasternack; he was soon joined by his brother Alex. Together they’ve built one of the larger Colorado cannabis brands, selling flower, concentrates and edibles in dispensaries throughout the state.

Binske executive vice president Alex Pasternack.EXPAND

Binske executive vice president Alex Pasternack.

Courtesy of Binske

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The company is owned by Praetorian Global LLC, a privately held investment firm founded by Jake Pasternack that facilitates licensing agreements between cannabis license holders and established cannabis brands. Through partnerships with marijuana business license holders in these new states, Binske products can be sold without Binske holding an actual license there.

“The current market fragmentation in cannabis is primarily driven by the overall lack of product efficacy across state lines and the fact that some brands dominate market share in one state yet aren’t even sold in others,” Jake Pasternack says in a statement. “The fact that Binske products will soon be available in retail outlets from Malibu to Martha’s Vineyard enables us to reach an unprecedented number of potential consumers. That access, coupled with consumers’ awareness that they will get the same Binske product no matter where they buy it, is critical to building consumer patronage and, most importantly, trust.”

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Don’t Brand Teen Sexting as Child Porn: Experts

By Amy Norton

HealthDay Reporter

MONDAY, April 15, 2019 (HealthDay News) — In many U.S. states, teenagers who send “sext” messages to each other can be prosecuted as child pornographers — and that should end, researchers argue.

Many states have recently passed laws that specifically address teen sexting — exempting it, to varying degrees, from longstanding child pornography statutes. But in 23 states, those outdated laws still apply to teenagers who willingly send sexual messages to each other.

The penalty is up to 20 years in prison and a lifetime as a registered sex offender, according to Dr. Victor Strasburger, of the University of New Mexico, in Albuquerque.

Writing in the May issue of the journal Pediatrics, he and his colleagues contend that it’s time for all states to revisit their child pornography laws. Consensual teen-to-teen sexting should be addressed by parents, schools and health providers — not the criminal justice system, they said.

“I absolutely agree,” said Elizabeth Englander, a professor of psychology at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts. “This needs to be treated as a developmental and educational issue.”

Englander, who also directs the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center at Bridgewater, studies kids’ technology use — including issues like sexting and cyberbullying.

It’s no secret that teenagers today are attached to their devices. In the United States, 95% of teens own or have access to a smartphone, according to Strasburger’s team. So, it’s also no surprise that sexting has become common. Based on international surveys, more than one-quarter of teenagers have received a sext, while 15% have admitted to sending them, the researchers noted.

And a recent study of Pennsylvania high school students found that 29% were “engaged in consensual sexting.”

A few years back, Englander said, when the media started highlighting the issue, there was speculation that kids would only sext if they were “depressed or disturbed in some way.”

But it isn’t playing out that way. Instead, Englander said, teenagers’ sexting typically seems to reflect the nature of adolescence: They’re curious, impulsive and not always exercising good judgment.

“Parents do get very emotional about sexting,” Englander said. But as a society, she added, “we need to get a grip.”


Strasburger’s team pointed to a Minnesota case where a teenage girl was charged with felony distribution of child pornography after she sent a revealing “selfie” to a boy at her school. The judge dismissed the case, ruling that punishing the girl would produce “an absurd, unreasonable and unjust result that utterly confounds the stated purpose of the statute.”

None of that means teen sexting is fine. Just like with real sex, kids might feel pressured to do it — which is “never OK,” Englander said.

And once an image is out there, it’s out there. Even if it was intended only for a significant other, it could easily be passed on to others.

According to Englander, the media often play up that threat, focusing on tales of so-called revenge porn. But research suggests that while “unauthorized distribution” does happen, it doesn’t happen often, she said.

Of course, it’s a different story when an adult sexts with a teenager — a scenario that should fall under child pornography laws, Strasburger’s team said. (An exception, they argue, could be “Romeo and Juliet” cases where the two people are close in age — an 18-year-old and 16-year-old, for example.)

The researchers suggest that more states follow New Mexico’s example. There, child porn laws do not apply when a teenager younger than 18 possesses an explicit image of another teen who is between the ages of 14 and 18, and the two voluntarily shared the image.

As for parents, Englander advised being proactive: Talk to your kids about sexting, just as you would about other aspects of sexuality.

And start early. “With younger kids,” Englander said, “parents can address the problems that come up with posting photos online. Talk about what’s appropriate, or maybe not appropriate, to share. At that age, you don’t even have to talk about sex, specifically.”

With older kids, the conversation can be more direct, she said. That includes talking to teens about what to do if they ever feel pressured to share sexual images — and teaching them it is never OK to pressure others.

“There’s really no choice but to talk about these things,” Englander said. “It’s the new reality. Parents need to deal with it, schools need to deal with, and teenagers need to be able to deal with it.”

WebMD News from HealthDay


SOURCES: Elizabeth Englander, Ph.D., professor, psychology, and director, Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center, Bridgewater State University, Bridgewater, Mass.; April 15, 2019,Pediatrics, online

Copyright © 2013-2018 HealthDay. All rights reserved.

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Growing Trend: Stratos the Latest Dispensary Brand to Embrace Hemp

The CBD water is warm, and investors are ready to jump in. Some of those investors are coming from established marijuana dispensary brands and are now diving into the hemp and CBD-only pools, buoyed by their experience with the plant and dealing with much tougher regulations.

Stratos, a marijuana-infused product company known for tablets as well as its medically focused outreach, is one of the latest established pot businesses to try its hand at CBD. We caught up with Kate Heckman, Stratos vice president of branding and marketing, to talk about what CBD can do for its wide target audience.

Westword: Stratos has been around for a few years now. Why jump in the hemp and CBD-only arena?

Continue Reading

Kate Heckman: We started creating THC products with CBD for the recreational and medical market in 2014, and very quickly saw the demand skyrocket around CBD products. People wanted to reap the medicinal benefits of CBD without the high you get from THC. We decided to leverage our experience in the cannabis space and launch a CBD-only product line that could be sold online and shipped anywhere.

Are CBD tablets and other products intended for recreational use as well?

Absolutely. The purpose of CBD is not exclusively to treat some sort of health condition. People can take CBD to unwind, just like you would a glass of wine to help relax at the end of the day. Where THC-heavy cannabis products can make some people feel sleepy, CBD can offer a relaxing effect without drowsiness.

Stratos has been actively reaching out to senior citizens to educate them about medical marijuana products and their potential benefits. How can CBD further help that demographic?

Marijuana Deals Near You

At every Cannabis 101 for Seniors event that we did, we heard the same thing over and over, which was: “I don’t want to feel high. So how can cannabis help me?” CBD tablets are the perfect option for seniors, because they’re familiar with the pill-delivery method, and it’s also sugar-free, gluten-free, smoke-free and vegan, so it can fit in within the medical requirements of an individual’s health regimen.

What’s the difference between CBD oil and full-spectrum hemp oil?

Where we are right now in the industry, CBD oil and full-spectrum are essentially considered the same thing. Where the buyer needs to beware is understanding that measuring the “hemp oil” content doesn’t necessarily equate to how much CBD is in the product. If you’re looking for CBD without any THC, find products containing CBD isolate. Full-spectrum hemp oil offers full-plant potential by extracting cannabidiol (CBD), phytocannabinoids, fatty acids, flavonoids and trace amounts of THC. CBD isolate distills the full-spectrum extraction and strips out all other properties except CBD.

With looming oversight from the Food and Drug Administration and reports of New York City’s health department cracking down on CBD edibles, how do you see CBD products such as yours being labeled and regulated for national consumption going forward?

We currently use FDA regulations for guidance on how we manufacture, package and label our products. Our team is adept at working within strict regulatory environments, so we feel confident about being able to adapt to any necessary adjustments. For now, we’ll have to wait for the specifics of the FDA language.

How will selling and buying CBD in Colorado be different from the rest of the country, or states that haven’t legalized recreational cannabis?

As the first market to become recreationally legalized, the Colorado market is highly competitive and very sophisticated. Patients and customers have also had access to cannabis and CBD longer, making them very knowledgeable and also discretionary when it comes to what they buy. Having that kind of market insight and customer feedback really helps us fine-tune our approach and product offerings. Regardless of where people purchase, we encourage them to be judicious in their research. Confirm that the product is tested for pesticides, residuals, solvents and microbial growth; that the product was grown in the U.S; and that it actually contains the amount of CBD listed on the label.

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Denver-Based Edibles Brand Dixie Elixirs Plans to Go Public in Canada

Add Dixie Elixirs to the list of Colorado cannabis companies continuing to expand north of the border. The pot-infused-products company just announced plans to go public on the Canadian Securities Exchange pending approval from the CSE.

Instead of jumping into the Canadian stock exchange headfirst and going through the lengthy process of going public itself, the private Dixie wants to purchase a company that is already public in Canada. In an October 1 announcement, Dixie laid out plans for a reverse takeover of Academy Explorations Limited, a Canadian company that “does not have significant operations” and “intends to invest in, merge with, or [undergo] a reverse take-over by another corporation,” according to Academy’s Bloomberg profile.

If the purchase is approved by the CSE, Dixie plans to change the name of Academy Explorations Limited to Dixie Brands (USA) Inc. According to Dixie, the move would make it the largest infused-products brand in legal cannabis; this all comes fresh off a Series C fundraising round of approximately $ 25 million.

“The federal legalization of marijuana in Canada is further proof that cannabis is no longer a fringe conversation or product. By going public on the CSE, we’re investing in Dixie’s future for continued growth with a focus on quality, product innovation and scale,” Dixie CEO Chuck Smith says in a statement. “The financing round we have just closed will provide resources for Dixie to expand our brand throughout the U.S. and into Canada.”

The two sides had been discussing the deal since as early as July, according to Marijuana Business Daily, but didn’t sign the definitive merger agreement until September 28, after receiving board and shareholder approval.

Dixie already had licensing agreements in Canada and Australia, but this move makes its footprint even larger up north, and possibly beyond: Thanks to federal reciprocity, Canadian cannabis companies could ship medical marijuana products to up to fifteen countries where the plant is legal — not including America, where MMJ is still federally prohibited.

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Daily News Bytes: New Marvel Funko Short, ‘Muppets Christmas Carol’ Secrets, 2017’s Hottest YouTube Brand & More


’Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Book Signing & Panel
More geeky fun is headed to Nucleus Gallery in SoCal! Don’t miss special guests Phil Szostak (author), James Clyne (snr. VFX art director), Christian Alzmann (concept artist) and other artists from the movie, who will participate in a panel discussion and Q&A before signing copies of the beautiful hardcover BTS book. Jan. 13, opening reception at 2 p.m.

Unity 2017.3 Is Here
The latest update completes the 2017 cycle introducing several new features and improvements across the board for both artists and developers.

These Brands Had the Biggest YouTube Channels in 2017
RTL Group’s Divimove has compiled a study on the most active and successful brands on YouTube, where 90% of the world’s top 500 brands have at least one channel. Media brand are have the biggest share of these, with Warner Bros. reigning supreme at 4.7 million subscribers; PlayStation topped the technology category with 6 million.

VIDEO: Watch a Disney Movie with … The Muppets
Oh My Disney Show presents a special holiday installment, in which director Brian Henson, Dave Goelz (Gonzo performer) and others share facts and insights on The Muppet Christmas Carol — including a pretty big Easter Egg about our narrators, Gonzo (as Charles Dickens) and Rizzo (as his ratastic self). December 11 marked the 25th anniversary of the movie!


Clip: Loki’s Strange Caper in Marvel Funko Presents ‘Time to Unwind’
Season two of the popular collaborative shorts continues with episode 4 of a planned 8 — released in partnership with GameStop. Watch as Loki tries to sneak into Doctor Strange’s Sanctorum and discovers that the Cloak of Levitation makes a very poor welcome mat. Subscribe to Marvel HQ for full episodes and more.

Time to Unwind

Time to Unwind

The Art of The Last Jedi

The Art of The Last Jedi

Animation Magazine

Axis Group Launches Unified Axis Studios Brand

Monster High: Electrified

Monster High: Electrified

UK-based animation and VFX collective Axis Group is officially reinventing itself as Axis Studios — a new powerhouse identity that unites its three branches and locations across the country: Axis Animation, Flaunt Productions and axisVFX. Axis Studios boasts one of the UK’s largest CG production staffs, and is on course to triple turnover between 2015 and 2018 to £15m.

Securing the creative output of these these studios under one banner will create greater collaboration, enabling Axis Studios to tackle a wider range of projects in every sector of the entertainment industry — the common goal being to “deliver the unexpected.”

“Axis Studios bolsters our ability to be involved in the most creatively challenging areas of the entertainment industry,” said Richard Scott, CEO of Axis Studios. “Whatever the demands of the project, Axis Studios can look across three companies and locations to select the optimum creative approach, production workflow and culture. We’re not beholden to one set template. Collaboration is at the core of Axis Studios, ensuring every project is tailored to its requirements.”

The unification also reflects the continual growth and physical expansion taking place across the three sub-brands. Axis Animation and Flaunt in Glasgow and axisVFX in Bristol have all expanded their operations to accommodate a 230-person creative crew, while Axis London is planning to relocate to a new space later this summer.

As a breakdown, Axis Glasgow has doubled its physical space in Skypark HQ, allowing for 180 creative employees. In Bristol, axisVFX can now house up to 50 people at its The Bottle Yard Film Studios space, where it aims to grow its 2D and 4D teams to deliver VFX work on Aardman Animation’s upcoming feature Early Man as well as TV drama projects. Axis London will continue to specialize in pre-production for a range of TV, film and videogame projects in its new central London shop, supporting all of Axis Studios.

“The Axis Studios expansion gives us access to a deeper pool of creative talent across all three locations. The artists in each of our studios have different but very complementary skillsets. It is so important for us to nurture, develop and work collaboratively with the best talent as they are the backbone to realising our future ambitions,” commented Executive Producer Debbie Ross.

As part of its busy year, the Axis Studios team is also preparing an art book detailing the behind-the-scenes work created at all three locations.

“Concept and production art are the maps that lead us to fantastic treasures. Audiences don’t get to see the reams of work created during the pre-production and production stages of a project; we wanted to shine a spotlight on a number of the incredible artists who help us explore and define our characters, worlds and stories,” noted Jon Beeston, Head of Art at Axis Studios. “We hope that readers enjoy the bounty that this treasure chest holds as much as we enjoy being able to share it.”

Recent work from the Axis Studios includes Amazon’s Emmy-winning Lost in Oz, the Oscar-nominated feature Shaun the Sheep Movie (Aardman), RTS Award-nominated VFX work for Doctor Who (BBC) and RTS Award-winning work on Dawn of War III (SEGA).

Monster High: Electrified - Flaunt Studios

Monster High: Electrified – Flaunt Studios

Doctor Who effects by axisVFX

Doctor Who effects by axisVFX

League of Legends - Axis Animation

League of Legends – Axis Animation

Animation Magazine

TF1 Tapped to Rep ‘Monchhichi’ Toy & Animation Brand



TF1 Licenses has been named licensing partner for collectible, cuddly toy brand Monchhichi, which will make a fresh 3D animated debut on TFOU this year thanks to production house Technicolor Animation. The monkey-like characters were created in 1974 by Japan’s Sekiguchi and now boasts an active fan community across social networks, particularly on Facebook.

In this new partnership, TF1 will help bring Monchhichi to shelves for a new generation of fans, with an expanded selection of products featuring both the original ’70s designs and the updated animated versions. A first deal has already been struck for the new toon with Silverlit, the twelfth largest toy manufacturer in France.

“We are particularly proud and pleased to be a master toy licensing partner for Monchhichi! We have all the ingredients to make this property a tremendous success in France in the short and medium term: an iconic character with a longstanding, solid reputation, top-quality production and incredible TV exposure” said Guillaume Coulaud, Marketing Director for Silverlit France.



Animation Magazine

How Upgrading Your Strain And Brand Choices Can Drastically Improve Your Marijuana Experience

Whether you’re new to the weed game or a seasoned veteran, quality is everything (or, at least, it should be). Gone are the days being satisfied with an eighth delivered in a napkin—it’s time to grow up. Just like with food, music, art, and most things in our culture, your taste in Marijuana evolves as you get older and gain experience. You will start to understand what kind of flavors you enjoy and what type of high you’re seeking. You may even be drawn to distinctive tastes and aromas that certain strains carry, as each has subtle differences that affect your senses in a different way. Obviously, not all strains are created equal, and exploring strains to find what you like will exponentially increase the enjoyment of your next session. Top shelf weed is like nothing else on Earth, taking you wherever you want to go and allowing you to see, hear, taste, and touch with a whole new perspective. So if you’re feeling like you’ve outgrown the go-to strains of yesteryear, the following brands have made great strides in the industry through meticulous hybrid cultivation, with award-winning results.

If you’re looking for a premium flower in Southern California, Nameless Genetics should be on your short list. They’re responsible for some of the most fragrant and potent OGs in the world. Back in 2009, a group of Los Angeles growers made a breakthrough with their harvest, developing a cut of OG that blew away anybody lucky enough to try it. That strain became known as Wellness OG, a favorite among connoisseurs everywhere. Over the next few years, and countless grow cycles, they improved their process and created a supercut of the Wellness OG that tested at over 31% THC, demolishing the competition and garnering praise (and trophies) along the way. Mega Wellness OG was born, with the flower and live resin extract instantly becoming the apple of every super stoners eye. If you need reliable references, Wellness OG took home 1st prize at SoCal Cannabis Cup last year for hybrid flowers. If you’re more of a dabber, the Mega Wellness OG grabbed gold at Chalice for indica waxes, plus guest judge Action Bronson gave it his Taster’s Choice award; very high praise, literally.

While on the topic of OGs, California’s top dog has long been OG Kush. A staple of southwestern weed culture for decades, the strain is a favorite among OG smokers. You’ll most likely be able to find OG Kush at every dispensary you visit, but don’t let that fool you. Remember, you’ve committed to elevating your standards so make sure you’re getting the batch that sets those standards. Kush Company in LA has been handcrafting some of the finest flower in the country since they planted the seeds back in 2007, right in their backyard. Their pride and joy, OG Kush, is the reigning indica flower champion at LA Cannabis Cup, also securing silver in Denver.

Connoisseurs understand that beginning with the highest quality genetics is one of the most crucial parts of the equation in modern marijuana. Moxie Seeds & Extracts recognized this early on, making it their mission to provide the highest quality products for patients. Moxie specializes in live resin, a type of extract that uses fresh, frozen whole flowers rather than the usual dried and cured buds that most waxes are derived from. Flower-lovers prefer live resin because it maintains much of the plant’s original aromatics and flavor, whereas traditional extract loses many of those traits when nearly 60% of terpenes (scent and flavor designators) disappear in the curing process. Moxie’s Goji OG is extremely popular, but you’ll find your own personal favorite among their top-notch lineup. They took home the bronze for hybrid concentrates at the 2015 Cannabis Cup before cleaning up at this year’s contest, snagging six awards including a sweep of the concentrates category. They took first place in indica (Strawberry Banana), sativa (Purple Tangie) and hybrid (Strawberry Banana Lemonade) at this year’s SoCal Cup. If extracts aren’t your cup of medicated tea, Moxie also prides itself on supplying growers with premium seeds to ensure their plants are the cream of the crop. To give you an idea of their seed quality, their V.C.D.C. was rated the best CBD strain of flower at last year’s SoCal Cannabis Cup.

Now that you’ve developed a knowledge base, go make an educated decision. With this new found appetite for the highest quality marijuana, you’re probably wondering where to get your hands on some. If you’re interested in checking out these three brands specifically, we recommend Buddha Company in Los Angeles. The pre-ICO LA mainstay is one of Weedmaps’ highest rated dispensaries (5 stars on over 1,600 reviews!) and carries a great selection of Nameless, KushCo, and Moxie.


Holidaze Gift Guide: Ambassador Kit V4 by Gentleman’s Brand Vapes

Excuse me kind sir but could you tell me the most desireable vaping kit that I can get for someone very special? 
OK, you might not put it that way but if you have someone extra special this year on your “good” list, make sure to check out Gentleman’s Brand Vapes’ latest offering — their Ambassador Kit V4.
A deluxe starter vape kit, the Ambassador comes with everything you need to vape waxes, concentrates, shatter, and e-liquids (with purchase of the Saboteur Tank add-on). Each kit includes the Double Agent Vaporizer Pen, two concentrate cartridges, a stainless steel filling tool, and a silicone container so you can vape at home and on the go with ease.
Big things about this kit: long life batteries, large capacity cartridges, multiple use vaping, uses standard fittings for compatibility with other cartridges.

The 420 Times

Willie Nelson’s Brand of Marijuana Partners With Development Firm

Country artist Willie Nelson loves his weed. So much so that he launched his own brand of the good-good earlier this year appropriately titled “Willie’s Reserve”.

Now, Willie and his make of marijuana has landed a partnership with a firm that is going to help him develop his brand.

Earlier this week, the New York-based private equity firm Tuatara Capital publicized the newly formed partnership with Willie and his weed.

Willie’s “premium lifestyle cannabis brand” will be available in states that have legalized the recreational use of marijuana for adults.

Tuatara Capital’s business venture with Willie and his brand of pot will be the firm’s first journey down the road of the legal marijuana industry since their company launched in 2014.

I guess the only thing left for Willie to do now in terms of weed is write a song dedicated to puffin’ the sticky stuff.

Since we know he doesn’t actually float down “Whiskey River” anymore, maybe the title should be “Weed Field”.?.

What’s your song title suggestion?

The 420 Times

Four Kroger Brand Spices Recalled

July 28, 2015 — Four Kroger brand spices have been recalled by the grocery chain due to possible salmonella contamination.

The recall includes Kroger Ground Cinnamon, Kroger Garlic Powder, Kroger Coarse Ground Black Pepper and Kroger Bac’n Buds, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

The four products were made on the same equipment in the same facility. Food and Drug Administration testing detected salmonella in a sample of Kroger Garlic Powder from a store in North Augusta, S.C.

No illnesses have been reported in connection with the recalled products, according to the Enquirer. Consumers who bought the products are being told not to consume them and to return them to a store for a full refund or replacement. For more information, phone Kroger at 800-576-4377.

WebMD Health